First, let me just thank everyone for playing along yesterday, that was outstanding, and I love how we are all so diverse, love it.  

I do this as much for myself as for you guys, so here goes with today’s announcements.  Remember how I said that I write shit down on any- and everything I can find?  Well here is a nice example, it’s also an example of how my blog, and blog-hopping, has taken over my life (right, OCD much?  I know I know).  

   So this is what the note means:

Sarah (Sure Thing) has a post up that she’d like some feed-back on, so go there and give her your opinions.

Delia had a vote on her blog but I think we missed it, you should go check, maybe give her your thoughts anyway.

Kate recently posted the start of her new novel, which is very fun, and she’d like a bit of feed-back as well.

And over there, cast your eyes to the right, we have still more additions to the Important Things blog roll.  Why yes, it is now officially cumbersome and tilting my entire site off its foundation.  Worry not though, My Hurricane will be in town next week, and all will be well.  In fact, this is one of my other announcements, an up-grade is in the works.  You already know how I feel about change, so I am preparing my wee self elf for the new look.  It’s coming, whether I like it or not.  (If you would like to be included in this listing, and/or the new one later, let me know.)

I will begin this next portion of tonight’s events with a disclaimer, I was young when I first gave birth, and I believed what people told me.  I wanted to name my son (after TEN months of being pregnant, no I am not joking) a name that wasn’t actually a name: J.D.  But the official woman in the hospital, who was older, and stood more firmly than I did, said that was illegal, I now know it was not.  She said the initials had to stand for something.  She was wrong, I could have done it my way, but I was in pain, had a huge and fresh surgery scar, and I had an equally huge baby to deal with, and I just wanted to go home and start being a mom.  So I assigned some words to the initials, and then never looked back.  Never called him anything but J.D.  (okay, that’s not true, I call him Jade, and I call him Petunia, and for a long while there, before he had sisters, and sometimes to this very day, we call him J.D. Boy).   There’s a reason I tell you all this.     He won the Academic Award today for his entire graduating patrol class.  (As he told me last night,” that’s right, the guy who never studied got the highest test scores.”) 

If any of you can read that plaque, do not, I repeat, DO NOT say it out loud, or anywhere near me.  I will not acknowledge it.  (His middle name is Daniel, that doesn’t bother me as much, for obvious reasons.)  I am HUGELY proud of this kid.  All those months of toting him around (in the womb and years beyond that) were totally worth it.  And because he was the perfect baby, he has sisters, who I am also HUGELY proud of.     

And guess what else?  Fictional Friend Whitney (last discussed here on the Pictures of State Fair Day post) is really a person.  And a lovely person too!  


  Foreign plates du jour:  Ohio and Colorado.

For our card draw, we have returned to Colette’s Hidden Realm.  And before anyone says anything, yeah, he’s a bit odd, but let’s concentrate on the message today, shall we?  

“The Ringmaster of Scrutiny ~ discernment, clear vision, details.

  The Ringmaster of Scrutiny is all about the details.  Look closely and pay attention to the smallest elements of what is being presented to you on your path.  It is in these details, not the broad strokes, that you will find the breathtaking beauty  and perfection in what you observe.

   This Ally is on your side to point to the deeper meanings of what unfolds in your life, and reminds you that every moment counts.  Staying present in this perfect moment, observing the minute things, leads you to manifest your highest good and greatest desires.  Grand gestures are for other times.  It is the smallest acts that really count now.”

22 thoughts on “Selective PSAs, Parental Roller-coaster, and Deep Meanings.

  1. You have evey reason to be uber proud. He is one of 3 of your finest accomplishments. Love ya! Muah.

    1. Thank you so much My Darling Sister-in-law (yes JulieLanders this is Bruce’s wife, one of my beloved sisters-by-marriage, I am lucky enough to have THREE of these in my life). And just for the record, your brother told me that he would have won this exact same prize in his class, but for a tenth of a point or something equally as absurd. Wanna know the best sychronicity of this entire ordeal? J.D.’s first training officer is the SAME first training officer his father had!

  2. Very impressive J.D.! Congrats. And you and your dad look so handsome and official in your uniforms.
    (I read the plaque, will refrain dear Jules)

    I’m sorry I missed what ever the playing along yesterday was. I’m so behind in my reading. I’ve been trying to catch up, I’m now up to 10/12, so have made huge progress in the last few days!

    1. Ok, I just went and read yesterday’s post out of order. (I know that upsets your sense of order Jules, but I had to see what cool thing I missed) So I played along, and loved reading everyone’s.

      1. Yes you DID refrain, and I greatly appreciate it. (Also didn’t you hear the long version of this?)
        I am SO glad to see you here!!! That being said, you are forgiven, reading out of order certainly does make me twitchy though.

      2. Yes, I did hear the whole story, that damn nurse! Sorry to make you twitchy, will go back to reading in order.

        Oh, and I’m so glad Whitney is real, and so lovely. hehehe

  3. Wow! Academic award? I need me one of those!

    Thanks again for the link. It helps. I really do need to do some thinking about what students want as I’m doing a 75 minute presentation next week to the group. I want to pitch it right.

    1. You totally deserve one of those!
      And do you hear that JulieLanders? The future of education is at stake here! International education (maybe). So go there, click on her name, or her link in the post, or her link on the sidebar dealie, just go…. *waiting, tapping foot, rolling eyes, waiting*

  4. Congratulations. To the whole family. Ain’t life grand!

    The Ringmaster of Scrutiny. Wow. That would be a tag to go thru life with. Wonder what his/her parents were like. Virgos? lolol. B and I are both Virgos and tend to be detail oriented. Nope Mr. Nick is not the R of S. Or maybe its those 18 year old hormones that are saving him. Or that he is an Aquarius and floats on his own good will and charm.

    1. With two Virgo parents he must have, at least, picked up some good organizational habits. (We all hope, with fingers crossed.)
      The teenaged years do eventually fade. Just hug him a lot, they love that.

  5. YAY for boys whose names are initials (mine too, go figure). Congrats to him and you and yours!

    As for the card – I used to find miracles in small, everyday occurrences. Somehow, that inner sight was recently truncated. But I’m finding my way. I catch glimpses of small, happy, bright things maybe once or twice a week now – and I consider that an accomplishment. I want to be happy again.

    You, however, have grand reason for happiness. So I’ll just sit next to you with my wine and smile via osmosis.

    1. Hope. It is pervasive, won’t go down without a fight. Keep paying attention to those signs and messages, they will start to become much more frequent, again.

  6. Aww, man, congratulations to J.D.! That’s exciting.

    I know nothing about this Whitney person but I approve of her based on her name.

  7. I see you posted the sneak attack photo your significant other took of me at graduation…you’ll notice the look of amused and slightly awkward surprise I have on my face. Fictional Friend Whitney…she’s actually much better looking in person. Just FYI.


    1. Yay! You made it! Everyone, this is Friend Whitney, and she is not, in fact, fictional. Whitney, this is everyone. Welcome Sweetie!
      Funny, we were JUST talking about you! I am sending J.D. home with an e-mail from a lovely women who lives in Bend. (You can see her website by clicking on “Tawna- also in Oregon.”)
      We will await new (and less ambush-ish) photos, say…. like when you come to town and we all go out to dinner perhaps?

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