First of all, thank you all very much for your healing vibes and good wishes.  My odd back/shoulder thing began to improve as the night wore on, and today it was remarkably better.  For those wondering, my invention of The Trifecta of Pain Relief is: Advil, Tylenol, Aleve.  Only, I go with the store brand/generic versions, and when I give it to Daniel (or Em or who ever) I start them off with one each.  In severe cases I up it to two each (like last night), with a kicker: vicodin (half a tablet).  Fortunately I now have a reliable source of replenishment for my vicodin (thank you Karen). 

   See, I got a prescription for it when I was thrown ass-over-teakettle into menopause early a couple of years ago.  As my beloved friend Heather said, they don’t warn you that leaving this part of your woman-hood is just the horrid and evil twin of puberty (because ya know, that’s so freaking pleasant).  But when I went to re-new these miracle pills the nurse practitioner specialist she’d referred me to wouldn’t do it.  (This woman hates me, just so you are clear on the background, she is an idiot, she knows a lot about her chosen field but I confuse her on a regular basis.) 

   End result, Dan performed a Hands On healing, I took my Trifecta with The Bonus, and then an Alka-Seltzer (for good measure), rested on the warm waterbed, and once we both got past the “no it’s not a heart attack, just stop over-reacting” things began to improve.  Between 2 and 3 a.m. I dosed my wee self elf again, still some discomfort, but definitely no more pain.  The pool felt great today even though I am aware of every single one of those muscles in my back.  Now, let’s hope for perfect heath and move along, shall we?  (Side note here, I was trying to figure out the symbology behind this particular incident, and it appears as though the “being aware” of my support system [or in this case, my back] was the main point.)

Foreign license plates seen around today: Minnesota, Iowa, Idaho, Arizona, Missouri, and Utah.

I would also like to extend a personal hello to Andrea, my other favorite Rainbow Snowcone Head.  We miss you at the pool and hope that your studies are going well.

    I had promised, way back in the ink telling period, to show you those Mystery Trees.  Last week I had an opportuinty to take a picture of them.      They are the ones lined up in a neat little row in the center of this shot, on the left side of that road.  See how they kind of point up?    And here’s a re-run of an older picture, so you can compare.


   We had a neighborhood project completed yesterday.  The guy next door (you know the one) decided to make an update he’s wanted to have for about 40 years, but the guy across the street wouldn’t do it.  Well that guy went Home a few years ago, and the family sold the house (to the most boring trio we have ever lived near).  This guy doesn’t seem to have a job, so he was all over the idea of contributing his time and energy.  These two guys, plus one more (he lives next to the Boring Family, and has a Screaming Child, also I think he’s the one with the bird I mentioned at the beginning of the summer), all wanted shit to match and be super tidy.  Ha, you know how I feel about individuality!  Well, can you guess which one of these is ours?     Why yes, that would be the old, crappy one.  THEY can be as sheep-like as they please, but I won’t be climbin’ into that category any time soon.


Our card today is another of those dated looking Holly Hobby fairies, but the message is good, almost as helpful as yesterday’s wonderful Buffalo.   (I think she’s supposed to be an illustrated version of Doreen, like that one a while back was similar to how Colette looks.  I’m personally glancing past the dated-ness of it and going with the words.  I do love the sound of harp music though, so that redeems this one for me.) 

   “Make Music

Express yourself with music.  The fairies urge you to sing, play a musical instrument, tap your fingers, or crank up the stereo.

   Music lifts the soul to new heights.  It alters your mood and your outlook.  The fairies play music at their celebrations because they know its therapeutic value.  By drawing this card, you are guided to surround yourself with music.  Any type of music that will stir your soul is appropriate.  The fairies are especially fond of joyful, fast-paced music, because it stimulates a festive mood.

  Notice how your mood and energy level elevates when you surround yourself with music.  Make note of any songs that you repeatedly hear.  The lyrics, or the memories, evoked by this could contain a message for you that will answer a particular question you may be struggling with.

   Listen, play, surround yourself with music and allow those messages through.  Let that healing begin from the notes and tunes you welcome into your life right now.

Affirmation: Deep within my soul, I now accept and experience the healing power of music.”

Late night update: Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project got a mention in the new People magazine.  I saw it today at the store!  This is AWESOME!

28 thoughts on “A Combo Plate Today.

  1. So glad that the pain has gone and you are on the mend.
    Love your letterbox, I don’t like the matchy matchy grey ones, I would have a bright blue mailbox with fluffy white clouds painted on it. Also, yet another thing we are missing out on down here…flags on our mailboxes!

    1. Thank you, a world of difference since last night.
      We bought that mailbox when we moved into the house, like 15 years ago. It has some woodsy scene and deer on it, seemed appropriate, there are lots of deer in this woodsy neighborhood. It still worked, why the hell would we need to buy another one? Especially to MATCH all of theirs?!
      What do you mean no flags? How do you send mail out?

      1. A woodsy scene sounds good. To mail things we have a big red mailbox in town which everyone puts their mail in and then the postman picks it up from there.

  2. Whaddya mean menopause is the evil twin of puberty? Holy crap, why doesn’t someone WARN you about this stuff???

    I wish to hell someone had mentioned to me that menarche would cause lots of pain and twitchetty-bitchery feelings. Now you’re telling me the door marked ‘exit’ is also going to cause this kind of @#$!%? SHEEEZ-us!

    Um…. I suppose it’s too late to apply for a gender-transfer operation? Please?

    1. TMI ALERT! Everyone with a penis look away NOW! I was giving you all a paraphrased version of what my friend said, her actual words were, “they never tell you about the mind-numbing, face blinding pain and the hemmoraginal bleeding out your shoes, where you have to look down to make sure you haven’t actually lost an organ or two.” So yeah, fun like that. And sorry, it’s WAY too late for any kind of surgical help now Merry, I happen to know that you are VERY near my age.

  3. Glad you’re feeling a bit more human. I too panic every time I have back/shoulder pain . The star man has banned me from looking any more stuff up on the internet.
    Love your mail box – reminds me of one of my favourite X Files episodes where Mulder and Scully pretend to be a couple in a stpford wives type community because something is eating the non- conformists! LOL.

    1. Welcome London! I am feeling so much better, thank you. And yep it’s a good thing I’m such a bad googler, or I’d have diagnosed myself with plenty of worse things.
      LOL, eating the non-conformists, very Stepford Wives-ish.

  4. Glad you’re doing a bit better…the Trifecta plus Bonus sounds excellent.

    I came over tonight around 9 and photographed the Wee Walnut…I’ll let you know how the project goes. Poor Scooter was barking the whole time…this time he was right, there WAS someone on his turf!

    1. Topped off with an Alka-Seltzer this works wonders. Any one at a time doesn’t seem to touch the pain.
      Did you love the quote, did it sound JUST like your mother?!
      Hey, I heard him barking but it’s usually ghosts or figments of his geriatric imagination, so I didn’t even bother to check. Glad to know you weren’t a scary bad guy, and you got the photos. I want to see that project when it’s done, I bet you’ll find out all kinds of fun stuff regarding The People’s Car.

  5. Glad you are feeling better. Never had the extra, but I have a really great muscle relaxant prescription. Lights out for 8 hours. Apparently a lot of nurses take it when they are injured from lifting heavy patients. The trifecta would work on headaches really well.

    Love the mailbox story. Who wants to be same as everyone else? Boring.

    1. Thank you, definitely on the mend now.
      For so many years I wouldn’t take anything other than homeopathic or herbal, but then I was attacked by the menopause monster and came up with my prize winning cocktail. What I am finding out about the vicodin is that I can take a half of one and it will ease that super sharpness off the pain but it won’t make me sleepy. Brilliant.
      My mom’s cousin is an RN, she says they know all the secrets and get all the good stuff. I have never understood why someone would take these things recreationally. But then I don’t drink any more either, so obviously it’s just me in this case.

  6. Look at all the glittery FGBVs, my dear friend! 🙂 I almost feel ashamed for going to bed early last night and being too busy this morning to see this until now. Almost.

    I’ve got sinus problems. BAD sinus problems. Years ago, my doc took pity on me and started writing scripts for Vicoprofen (vicoden with just a hint of ibuprofen laced within). I only take 1/2 of one, but SHAZAM! Instant relief. She has to monitor how often she refills them for me, but that hasn’t been a problem.

    I’m glad you’re doing better. Hopefully the weather’s good for you, because humidity only seems to aggravate things. As for Holly Hobby (giggles)…music is SO very important to me. I love having an earpiece at the office that I rigged to connect to the internet. I can listen to music to my heart’s content. And as long as I don’t break out into song (too loudly), no one’s the wiser. I’ve been known to connect to a “space music” website and go down the hall to endure an hour of our idiot boss’ meetings. 🙂


    1. I have dealt with sinus issues seemingly forEVER, so I know that once you find the right thing, it’s magical.
      Yep, music is truly healing.

  7. FYI for future reference…never reveal your drug source, especially on the big wide internet:)
    And like I said before, watch the drug combo’s, that is what can give you trouble. It’s best to find a nurse friend to give you drug advice on the side.

    1. I might have considered painting it, but now it looks so fabulously crappy next to all the matching ones I think I’ll leave it just like that.

  8. I’m glad you feel better, but, like melaphukanoma said, please watch your drug combos. They can be more sinister than Junior Mints.

    Menopause doesn’t scare me — I’ve been through it all before (very long story) — but the prospect scares the living bejeepers out of Magnum. 🙂

    Also, hard to tell from that picture, but I think the trees are poplars. Might be wrong. Can’t see them very well.

    That all? Yep, I think that’s all. No, wait! That’s not all. Stop trying to corrupt me with See’s. My ass doesn’t need that kind of help. 😛

    1. Poplar was in the running, but my sainted-sister-in-law ruled them out at one point.

      You willllllll enjooooooooy Seeeeeee’s Caaaaaaaaandy, come over Dee, come over to the Dark Chocolate Siiiiiiiiiide……

  9. Yikes. If I took Advil and Aleve together I’d be bleeding out my belly button. Definitely be careful with that!

    I saw a weird foreign license plate for you today. It was a New Hampshire plate (which was not the weird part, since I was in New Hampshire at the time– my parents live right on the border between MA and NH) “M+P=4”. (I’ve changed the letters and numbers just in case.) It was weird because I’ve never seen a license plate that had characters on it other than letter or numbers. I instantly thought of you! So if you felt a happy tingle around 1:30 this afternoon, 10:30 I guess in your neck of the woods, it was just me thinking happy Julie thoughts!

    1. New Hampshire? Delia tell us what this license plate means, and if you can get plus signs and equalses in your state! (Yes I mis-spelled that intentionally.)
      When I first saw a heart shape on one from California I was shocked. It looked really cool though, so maybe other states are allowing more symbols, for a fee.

      1. Yes, ma’am, you can get some symbols here. I’ve never seen the equals sign, though, but I wouldn’t doubt it. Also, in NH, personalized plates abound. It doesn’t cost too much more to get a personalized plate than a regular one, so there are many. Well, it didn’t cost much more, I think they just upped the price, but it’s still cheaper than MA. Just a side note for Becky, if you were anywhere on the MA/NH border, you were no more than an hour from my house. 🙂

    1. Thanks, we have decided that we’re very sentimental about the box, now.

      To address everyone’s concerns re: my potential OD on pain killers, no worries. I have been very aware of my liver for several decades now and I do read the packaging that comes with all of this stuff. I know what’s in what and how much there is of each. Thank you all for your concerns and care. It’s lovely that everyone is watching out for my health (or lack of it).

  10. Hey – I have been behind in reading. Sorry to see you had pain, but glad it is better.

    And to make you feel even better, my mailbox is a giant green fish!!!

  11. @Delia: Bummer! That’s twice now I’ve discovered a Betty within visiting distance and been too close to moving to be able to schedule anything! Stormy was only about 30 minutes or so from my apartment in Houston.

    We’re going to be picking my uncle up at the airport in Manchester on Saturday night. Is that any where near you? If so, and if you’re not busy, maybe we could grab coffee or something? My email address is b _ gotthardt (at) hotmail dot com if you want to shoot me an email.

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