I saw one foreign license plate this afternoon.  But it was a good one.  New Jersey!

   We met my parents at a coffee shop today, and shared the joy of our new laptop.

 It was entertaining, and ridiculous, as always.  Empress felt we stayed too long.   (When you look at this particular photo, of me and my mother and my youngest daughter, keep in mind that I am exactly five feet tall.) 

My father felt we stayed too long as well.

     After this festive event, I dragged Daniel around for erranding.  Had to get thread for the quilt cover (it’s mostly done, just need to secure some of the middle).  We went to the bakery section of a grocery store, well a Freddie’s, which is so much MORE than just groceries (and local, of course).  I spotted this wee treasure.Dan said, oh perfect for you, frosting and brownies.  It was less than two bucks!  Who could say no?

   We are back to our Healing with the Fairies today.  (Yes Lora, I know.)

 Romantic Partner

A new romance is coming your way or a revival of passion in an existing relationship, and this will delight you now or in the very near future.

By drawing this card, the fairy realm wants you to know that a new wave of romance is coming your way.  Romance could manifest itself in a number of delightful forms, such as meeting a new partner who makes your heart sing with excitement and passion, or a rejuvenation of an already existing romance with your current love. 

Fairies adore romance, and they know the importance of feeling passionate in a relationship.  Ask them to help you with imaginative ideas to create more romance in your life.  They remind you that romance is a state of mind, and it involves playfulness and creativity. 

Let the fairies help you to relax, allowing an inflow of romantic ideas to easily come into your mind, and also giving you the energy to put them into action and enjoy them to the utmost.

Affirmation: I am a romantic person.  I release any fears I may have about giving or receiving love.

26 thoughts on “Family Love, Romantic Love.

  1. Your mom is a wee one. She looks feisty, happy and interested in the new computer.

    I saw license plate from Manitoba. Half way to the east.

    1. The joke in our family used to be that I was the tall one who got asked to reach things off of high shelves. She says she’s 4′ 10″ but women do shrink as they age. My sister was 4′ 11″ -about where my older daughter ended up. As you can see, my baby practically towers over me. And yes, my mother is quite lively. She said today that she can never get herself one of “these” computers, she’d sit in front of it all day long, and never get her knitting done!
      Manitoba! Great spotting.

  2. I love your picture with daughter and mom–so sweet, and also a bit like those Russian nesting dolls.

    Glad you astonished your parents with the computer–I pop over to my 89yo grandma’s and flash up our facebook pages so she can see current pics of my cousin’s baby. She says she has no idea how it works but it’s all just OUT THERE for anyone to see. Marvelous.

    And a big cup of frosting! Quite a day you had!

    1. LOL! We do look like those dolls!
      Isn’t it fun to share this stuff? They had a good time looking at the kids’ FB pages and seeing websites.
      I know, a day with frosting is usually a good one.

    2. My great aunt will be 92 next month, and she’s tearing up the internet. She’s all about the email, and if you don’t watch out she’ll send you every paranoid political rant and cutesy “forward this to 10 people” email she can. And she loves “The Google”.

      My grandmother, her sister, never accepted anything more technically advanced than the toaster oven. My uncle gave her a microwave for Christmas one year. She used it for storing crackers. And she complained that their new TV was no good because it only ever played commercials. They were watching Home Shopping.

  3. Love the females in your family (AND the nesting dolls comment, Lora/LitdDiva!!!). Also Manitoba and frosting! What a blog, Julie, what a blog!!!

    1. We are doing a thing this month for Dan’s birthday so I’ll try to get a picture of me and all the kids together, that’s always very entertaining.

  4. Ah….another thing we have in common. My mom’s under 5′. I’m 5’8″ (thank you, dad). But I agree with Lora – you 3 look like a set of cute nesting dolls.

    I drew that card years ago – I think it’s the one I recently ripped to shreds (giggles)

    Saved the chocolate brownie-in-a-frosting-sea for last. I am so going to make something chocolate today (maybe Kris’ molten chocolate yummies)


    1. Very sad report on the dessert front: frosting was far too “light” for my tastes. Brownies were lovely and moist though, and ya know, it still WAS frosting.

  5. Look at you! You’re teensy! Not just in height, either. How is it that you think you’re overweight? Whatever, it’s a beautiful picture. You’re all gorgeous. And petite. If I went anywhere with you I’d feel like Gulliver.

    I’ve been thinking of you and your license plates lately. I’ve been seeing someone driving around here with a Utah plate. The first time I saw him, he was the lead of three cars, his from Utah, the one behind him from North Carolina, the one at the back from South Carolina. They were all going up the road that leads to my house at once, which was practically a traffic jam for my neighborhood. Anyway, I’ve been seeing him ever since. Wonder if he’s moving here or if he’s just a leaf-peeper? Hmmm… Oh, almost forgot the Toyota I saw with a Hawaii plate. Honestly, who pays to ship a Toyota from Hawaii?

    Okay, I’m rambling. I’ll shut up now.

    1. Delia, I hear you. I am the tall one, even taller in my red suede heels with the shoe fairy stamped on the bottom.

      Right, who pays to ship a Toyota from Hawaii? Expensive.

      Q: What is a leaf peeper?

      1. Carol, are those the ones in the picture? Where did you get them? I have a bit of an obsession with red shoes.

        Also, I have no idea. I just keep seeing the car around, so I don’t know if he’s here seasonally or just hasn’t changed over his plate yet. I guess I’ll never know. Unless I see him again in November.

    2. I know that I am overweight because a person of my non-tall-ness should be about 30 pounds less than the amount I am toting around. Also, its a mind-fuck that I have had since I was 12. Workin’ on it!
      LOL! A Foreign License Plate Parade heading to your house. And who the hell WOULD pay to ship a freaking Toyota from Hawaii? Or that damn huge truck I saw last week. These people have more money than they need.

    1. I may have to break down and try to make some of my own. I have been disappointed in frosting lately, none of it feels rich enough. We picked up some To Go food yesterday and while we were waiting I was flipping through some women’s magazine and spotted a recipe. This reminded me that I can, in fact, mix sugar and butter in a bowl, probably even without supervision. I’ll keep you posted.

      1. Are there frosting-only cookbooks? It seems like there should be. If they make cookbooks devoted to rice or ice cream or who knows what all, then they can certainly come up with a couple dozen frosting recipes of varying flavors and complexities.

        Cream cheese frosting is a pretty constant favorite for me, but as I was typing this I started to think about an orange frosting, with little bits of grated rind. Or maybe lime frosting. Yum.

  6. Becky were you looking over my shoulder at that magazine? Cream cheese was what this particular recipe called for. But then I got to thinking about how I had once eaten some great chocolate-with-orange frosting about a million years ago and it was perfect. I’m gonna run with this!

      1. Mousse? Hell, no wonder it wasn’t very rich. Boo. Also, it was quite the journey to follow your train of thought today, seeing each of your comments pop up as I went through my e-mail just now.
        My opinion about the damn Hawaii shipping, if these people have enough money to send that car over here, they have enough money to just stay there! (Or send me to live in their place, where I truly belong, amongst the palm tress, with sand on my feet, and waves out my window.)

  7. Mother, I’ve seen you cook. You’d find a way to burn the frosting, or leave it raw, or maybe (probably) both, despite the fact that frosting requires no actual cooking. You’d still find a way to burn it. I’m amazed you haven’t started a fire while making a bowl of Lucky Charms.

    1. I have had very few Lucky Charms incidents. And ya know, there ARE frosting recipes that say you need to cook them, I totally won’t try one of those. But, I have already put “butter” and “more powdered sugar” on my grocery list. So this could actually happen.

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