Remember my annoyance about that huge moving van blocking the road a few weeks back?  And seeing a Texas car parked there later?  Well, guess what.  They are moving, again.  Today there was a smaller self-moving vehicle parked in front of that house.  It appears that they didn’t like my neighborhood.  Hmm, best wishes, wherever they land.

   And you know how we’ve discussed the fact that the only way a car with a Hawaii license plate can get here is by being shipped on a barge?  Well, earlier in the afternoon I drove past an enormous pick-up truck, with Hawaii plates.  I have spent many summers on the islands, and even WAY back then, gas was super expensive, I’m sure it hasn’t gone DOWN in price.  One, why the hell would this person even purchase a vehicle like this over there?  And B, how much money do they have that they could ship it here?!

    Coming home from the pool, I drive through some areas that are quite eclectic, homes from many different eras and time frames.  Tonight I was tootling along and saw a license plate I didn’t recognize (so obviously I pulled over to see it better).   It was a ratty-assed old van, with tie-dyed curtains in the back windows, parked in front of an incredibly tidy ranch-style built in the 1950’s or so.  South Dakota.  Just a day of questions and stories I’d love to hear.

    Since we have a few decks in our regular rotation that I, either haven’t looked at in years, or don’t have a ton of experience with, I thought I’d do some reasearch.  This Celtic Shaman’s Pack is really fascinating.  The folks who wrote the book about it have written previous volumes on this topic.  And it’s pretty cool what they found out about the history of this belief system.

    They do not call it a religion because they say anyone can use this knowledge, without conflict of what their base beliefs are.   They don’t delve too deeply into this spiritual discipline here, but they do talk about the legacy left by the Celtic shamans and how they were traditionally linked to their ancestors and their natural world.  I really like that, and thought about what Fokker had said recently, being a Christian Witch.  I am truly grateful that she can be that, to live in a world where it’s comfortable for her, and for us, to honor this title.  (And ya know, that neither of us is going to get burnt at the stake.  Again.)

    I have talked about this before, how when someone is drawn to a path, or an animal, or a deck of cards, or any specific focus, it is their connection to past lives, and in the case of the couple who wrote about the Celtic Shamans, to ancestors as well.  When you get a call like that, it seriously needs to be answered.

   “The Seeress (Feldelm)  ~  prophecy.  A cloak draped female figure stands watching the spirits who surround her.  Between her hands is a golden spindle.

   She captures the vision of both past and future, seeing how the threads of the web of creation are spun and where each person stands upon them.  Her visionary powers are remarkable and she can advise on the best course of action in any given situation.  Her web is woven of the threads of destiny and she gives prophetic information by way of the inspired oracle.

Journey ~ You are walking on a broad and well trodden highway which winds between level green land.  In the distance there is a swirling cloud which, as it approaches, gives way to reveal a chariot drawn by dusky black horses.  In the chariot rides the woman whose description you have just read.  She pulls her proud steeds to a halt before you and leans down to regard you with bright, deep-seeing eyes.  You may ask her to reveal something of the future to you – always remembering that the tides of fate may change at any moment, now or in the days to come.”

6 thoughts on “How We See Differently.

    1. LOL! I was thinking the exact same thing when I flipped that card today!
      Hope your meditation went well, and you were flooded with insight.

  1. (coughs as the dust settles at the wheels of her chariot and the hooves of her noble steeds)

    (tugs on the silken drapes of her cape)

    Um, Feldelm? I’ve got quite a few questions for you. Let’s go sit a while with a nice bottle of merlot and a plate of these yummy fried-mac-and-cheese-wrapped-in-bacon appetizers I ran across, and have a nice long chat.


  2. I just love this one. I need a cape. Thats a project for after Mr. N leaves. Yes this is the countdown for journeys and visions of past and future. I’m too busy in the present scrambling around trying to get to the future. Just need to take a breath and make sure we don’t lose the present. More cupcakes please. Off to learn about fried mac/cheese wrapped bacon appetizers. These sound freakishly delicious.

    1. I was wondering about that fine snack idea my own self! Stormy needs to figure out how to ship food.
      A cape! Oh yes, your projects will be much easier to get done soon. But keep breathing, it’s a process.
      I may need to go frosting sampling around town this week too.

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