Spoiler Alert:  I am going to talk a bit about angels before we get to the card, which, has to do with angels.  Just wanted you all to be aware.

             Here’s the deal with me and angels, I used to really struggle with the concept of them.  Eventually I figured out it was me, and not them.  Or rather, it was my perception of them, as how they had been promoted and conceptualized by one major religion.

             It took me not very long at all to get past that once I realized how valuable they truly are, but in their honest form, not in some cutesy overly stylized version.  Angels go beyond all organized religions, no one has a copyright on them, they are what they are, not what people SAY they are, or how they look.  Here’s a picture of one that I carry around with me.

   Daniel and the kids got this drawing for me years ago, it was through Sylvia Browne, created by an artist named Christina Simonds.  This is a strong and impressive image.  Now THIS is an angel you can count on!

“The Winged Wise Ones ~ 34 ~ angelic help, miraculous aid.

    Always Allies and never Challengers, they represent the aid of all angels.  Any time we reflect upon, pray to, call out for, angels they hear us, and they answer.  They are the proof of Divine Intervention and the potential of miracles to heal and transform, as if my magic.  Their entire purpose is to help us reach our dreams, be well, and soar the highest.  Focus on them, they are with us always.  (No, seriously, ask them for help.  Anytime, anywhere, about anything.  This one gets me good parking places, calms my frazzled nerves, brings us aid in all things.)

   This particular interpretation is lovely, not as powerful as mine, but a good one.  (Also, you may have noticed that I don’t tell you about skin tones, that is up to you to see for yourself in your mind’s eye.)  The illustration here is done in muted browns, sepia if you will, with the contrast of white.  (Keep in mind that angels come in all colors, shades, shapes, sexes, and sizes, just like we do.)  This one is a female, perched on a carved column that has simple but elegant scroll work.  She has bird-like wings and there is a single feather near her foot.  In the bottom left hand corner is a dove in full flight, and the background is all muted creams with sparks of light and streaks of beige.”

2 thoughts on “Day 14 Plus Bonus Notes With Picture.

  1. What is interesting about angels to me, is that until the movie ‘Michael’ with Travolta and the Philip Pullman books I never thought about them. They were always in the creche at Christmas and churches etc. I think they really are much bigger and more important than we know. Us sci-fi-ers might think they are something else altogether. And if they look like Paul Bettany from that end of world movie that just came out, I’m done.

  2. Yeah that movie was a great one, very thought provoking as far as angels go. And besides, ya know, John Travolta! Not familiar with Pullman but I’ll look in to that. Had to google Bettany, and yes, I would have to agree, great angel potential there! But you see what I mean…. whole ‘nother concept of what they are all about.

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