Blessed Solstice to one and all.  We actually had some sunshine here in River City today, what a nice change of pace, and oh so timely.  Wow, speaking of ….  today’s card could not have been more on target if I had searched the deck and yanked it out myself.   (Special Thank You to Sara/Sure Thing for her early First Day of Summer wishes.  If you guys have not clicked on her link yet, you should, this is another very bright and brilliant young woman.)

The Sun Dancers ~ 32 ~ joyful activity, celebration of life, abundance.

   As our Allies, they celebrate us now and remind us of the laws of success and praise.  Anything we place our attention on will manifest an experience, so the laws are always perfect.  Expect the best and praise it in advance.  This unleashes the magic of mystical magnetic energy, drawing circumstances to us to create the reality we envision.  Give thanks in advance for the good will of all.  Be willing to participate in the victory dance as if our greatest dreams are realized, and watch how easily things begin to fall in to place.  This card is to remind us to stay positive and know that all things are possible now.  Dance the joy of being, and celebrate our lives and abundance.

     The illustration here has an overall purple and peri-twinkle cast to it.  The characters remind me of a ballet dance in motion, a man in grey/very dark purple pants holding up a woman in matching dress, the skirt billowing out to her right.  There are bright-to-fading bubbles all around them, and they are rising up as if into the sky, above stone pillars.  They appear to both have very thin, gossamer wings, blending into the bubbles and sky and clouds.  (I thought maybe more sun should have been apparent, but then I’m not the painter here, so maybe not.)  There is a sort of glowing yellow area just below them, and to the right side, in amongst the pinks and mauves. 

    I liked that three and two make five- our family number, and the points of the pentacle, as well as The Five Sacred Elements (earth, air, water, fire, spirit).  And with that, the synchronicity of three pillars and two people.  Sun Dancers for Solstice!  Perfect. 


4 thoughts on “Day 10, How Prophetic, and Festive Solstice.

  1. Yes there is some theme-ish thing going on here. It seems to be following my life, or my life following it, or concurrent stuffs. So I spent late last nite in the urgent care with Mr. Nick. Seems he didn’t really eat the day of his party or at the party, (and with all that groovy food!) he did however partake in copius amounts of cake, toasted marshmallows, exotic sauces and olives. hmmmm. He woke up Sunday an exploding sugar bomb. All day till I noticed he was unusually pale and dehydrated and still exploding into the night. After two hours of IV hydration and meds to stop the exploding and many tests, he is normal. Verdict; excitement, stress and SUGAR forms as a food group. Amazingly it was a stress free event for me because I willed it to go well, an easy 45 minute drive into town and we were the only ones in Urgent Care.

    Whole different tack; I adore Craig Ferguson. I laugh just looking at him. Its that accent. I have a Scottish friend who giggles a lot and makes other people laugh. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make people happy by just talking.

    1. First of all, how terrifying is it to take your kid to the hospital?! I hate when that happens! SO glad he’s okay.
      Also, yes these cards are definitely connecting with me too. Good deck we found huh?!
      Lastly, Craig!!! We saw his live show a year or so ago in Portland (hysterically funky little theatre). He is beyond funny, so bravely honest, and just outright brilliant. Bought both of his books, the first one before I even knew who he was. And yeah, that accent just kills me. Dan and I go around quoting him non-stop like idiots.

    1. Thanks Deb! Your Solstice post was really well done. Welcome to the insanity and chaos that is my blog and life. No deep thinking going on around here!

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