Late in the evening I sit down here at the old dinosaur desk top and “do my googles” (as we have been referring to it for years).  I check the e-mail, I see if anything is over due or ready for pick up at the library, I reply or post in JulieLand, and if I have a few spare moments (LOL) I poke around the inter-web.  I have followed a few blogs, mostly authors I like, and a few miniaturist folk, as well as some cross stitch and quilting places.  Some work out for quite a nice long while and I get to make friends across the miles (wink wink Kristin, Lynne, and Tracy [alphabetically listed for no hard feelings]).  As all things must, this on-line family grows and changes (see the post about how I hate change), so we all just move along, hopefully with something gained, and try not to look back in sadness.  Recently I have been following an author’s blog that has started to replicate an earlier experience, and yet has been completely different.  Both are women writers, and hysterically funny.  Both have devoted and diverse fans and followers.  In the past few days this blog host as started adding her readers to the side bar.  (Very generous of her, but then she’s like that.)  As most of you know, I have this sort of Virgo-based OCD-ness that forces me to read everything from the beginning.  Example: when I come across a new author I can’t just read their latest work, I have to go back and find ALL of their published books and start there, making my way to the most recent.  This must also be done with blogs.  (Why yes, it IS rather time-consuming and completely irritating.)  I added one of these new discoveries over there on the right hand side, my own side bar update.  If you get the chance, go read her stuff, she is very funny, uses bad words, and is doing something that amazes me.  She is a young mother of four and she has just written a freaking novel!  Plus a boat-load of short stories.  (She also doesn’t put housework as a huge priority, so obviously I loved that about her immediately.)  Here is a direct quote, that I feel the need to use now: paralyzingly boring introspection.

    The other thing I have observed in my surfing (gawd I wish I was actually in Hawaii surfing right now) is that some of these people are really way smarter than I am!  Well duh, you say.  And I agree with you, I admit, I am fairly special in the brain department (see yesterday).  Many folks seem to have a “theme” or they have several blogs relating to various topics of interest.  Some are extremely focused.  Hmm, here?  Not so much.  But good reading for those of us who stay up late and poke around.

    I awoke today to the painful sound of chainsaws.  I guess the scary women who live behind us still have trees in their yard that they need to kill.  Is that not THE worst noise?!   EVER?!  Not only is it gratingly harsh, but it means someone is murdering greenery.  I had to leave.  ACK!

    I may not be able to call myself the Mystical Vermilion afterall.  I realized what the color really looks like, and it’s not one of my favorite shades.  Although the history of it is cool: originally derived from powdered cinnabar.

    Note to local beer drinkers (any of you that can get out of the house before noon) ~ JP is going to be at Oakshire Brewery again this Saturday, with his beer-oriented treats.  Go there.  Tell him I sent you.  Enjoy the deliciousness that is Devour food.  Support local VW folks who offer tasty edibles.