I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: vote with your dollar.  Buy local and shop independent when ever you can.  I have never set foot in a Wal-Mart (gawd it just irritates me even typing that word) and I never will.  Home Depot has never seen a dime of our money and never will.  I only enter big brand name book stores after I have exhausted every independent book/stationery shop within a 35 mile radius (I’d expand that if my Wee Walnut could do freeways).  If I can get it here in town, by an actual live person who runs their own company, I will.

   Today we went on some errands.  One of those destinations was a local home improvement place called Jerry’s.  (Started by a real live human, named Jerry.)  We bought the clear covering for our Winchester Mystery Deck project in the back yard.  And a gate latch for the front yard (which does not actually have gates yet, but Daniel will have more days off soon, and he will build them, to go with the front yard deck which is quickly becoming the Winchester Mystery Deck Deux).  See?  Voted with our dollars.

   I saw a seemingly homeless guy on a bicycle with a pink VooDoo donut box in the front basket.  I have GOT to get down there.  When the line is not around the Ken Kesey Plaza block.  Also!  Scary Running Lady!  Wow, haven’t spotted her in ages.  She looked just like she always does, color co-ordinated, bleached within an inch of her life, and frighteningly intense.  Go Scary Running Lady!  Go!

   Foreign plates du jour:

~California and Washington, natch

~Ohio (but a different color than we normally spot, so it took us a bit to get close enough and read that this was really it)

~Nevada (the same car, twice, both times in Dan’s way)

~Colorado (this may have to be listed under “regulars” here pretty soon, I keep seeing them so often now)


~One Other (but I forgot to write it down, so it fell out of my head, I will take requests and we can just make it up if you want).


Roka, thanks.  Making these teeny tiny projects is really fun.  I don’t usually need any special glasses to see them, but sometimes I do use the “readers” or “old lady eyes” I picked up a few years ago when I started doing super small cross stitch and needle point (like 40 to 50 plus stitches to the inch, there are some pictures of a pillow and rug I think, back a few months here).

Tracy, you got to spot things in your area too!  (Doesn’t matter if it was a few towns over, still counts.)  Yipee for the bagpiper!  How cool is that?!  A guy in a kilt, definitely equals a guy with Steve Perry hair.  I like that there was also a newsvan at the church, adds to our mystery of what the hell was going on there scenario.  Yes, Dear One, we are oh so comfy here in JulieLand.  Sadly we are also a much smaller population than that other place you refered to.  How do we get more fans?  Wouldn’t others adore hanging out with this awesome fun group?  And yeah, I did like the irony of our current book discussion and then I covered books and photographed them on a wee table Dan and I had put together.

Kristin, okay gotcha.  No mental notes.  Because ya know, I was going to be all in awe of your fabulous brain power.  Whew, that was a close one.  Of course you suffer from “organizational paranoia” and over-calendar your self-  you are a Virgo!  I have about three, maybe more like four, time-keepers (just ask the kids, it’s scary come December when I have to replace them all): spiral weekly planner that sits on the kitchen table, book-bound daily planner that is in the outside office, monthly wall calendar that is called “The Busy Family” and features very nice animal family photos, pocket calendar in my purse, calendar feature in my phone (but I don’t know how to add events so that’s just for quick reference of what-the-hell-day-is-it), wall calendar in the outside office (usually featuring island paradise scenes or porches), wall calender in the hall upstairs (this time we have majestic castles around the world, oh wait, we had that last year too), and a hanging wall calendar downstairs in the family room (right now it’s tree houses, but it has been guitars, out houses, and light houses in the past).  Uh, that’s more than four isn’t it?  Damn.  Oh, “mouse house” I’ll come back to that, long story.

Hanny!  No flickr account yet, my skills are far too remedial.  And yeah, didn’t the little paper table come in handy?  And you laughed at me when we made it!  Also, ohmygawd yay, for (as Tracy said) your name up in lights!  I am still kind of in shock over this.  I mean come on, I invented that freaking name!


3 thoughts on “Me and Boycotts, Plus The Tuesday Tour.

  1. Ok, I have to put in my request before anyone else does, then will come back to comment on everything else. lolol I vote for Pennsylvania!!!!!!

  2. i just went to Hannas new domain. Wow. Very nice and professional. You people with innate writing skills. I stand in awe. okay. enough of that. No really Hanna, the site is very impressive. Thank you for saving me from seeing SATC2.

    I’ll go with Tracy; Pennsylvania. Always liked that word. reminds me of vampires. Or as close as I will get to Transylvania. But it is weird cause it conjures up the ‘Shaker’ version of vampires.

  3. Thanks, Kristin! I hope to get a much better job with it.

    Mom, you know we could buy YOU a domain. It’s like, $3 a month. It could be JulieHanavan.com or StitchinWitch.com or anything that’s available.


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