I had to attend our miniature club meeting without my assistant, he got a better offer.  (The provision was always that he’d go with me, as long as there wasn’t a ball game on.)  We covered books.

    I know, the color is horrid, I have GOT to get better at this photography thing.  The table is made out of paper (by me) over a drink cup.  The lamp is made from beads (by Daniel) and it does light up.  Sadly, we needed the battery for something else a while back and I couldn’t find it for this picture.

     I just learned that during the height of prohibition Al Capone was making (the current equivalent) of $1,500 a minute!  I want that kind of income.  But ya know, not with anyone dying.  Or contracting a disease.  Or getting jailed for tax evasion.

    My oldest daughter’s name is now a domain.  Yes, that’s right, if you type in HannaBrooksOlsen you will find a dot com.  Of her.  (If this isn’t up yet, it will be soon.)  No problem with catching me off guard Babe.  This is pretty damn cool.  (Also, great Twitter link of that Seattle fire photo.)

   Yes Kristin it is wonderful to see Tracy back over here in JulieLand.   And I love how all three of us NEED to handle our reading materials.  Books are amazing, and special, and no technology is ever going to change that.  Also, nicely done about your car upgrade, you should be good for another 40 years!  VW’s rock.  You are taking mental notes?  And when exactly will you be down here in River City?  To observe our specific oddness?  Any time soon?

    Tracy, I bet now that you are making a point of looking around for things of interest you will find your own Steve Perry guy.  Remember the Itchy Man?  Keep looking!!!  You never know, maybe you will even see someone with a Kitty purse.

4 thoughts on “Miniaturing Monday Plus More.

  1. Julie – you are amazing. How can you even SEE to do these things? My reading glasses would never cut it. Do you use a magnifying glass or jewelers loop?

  2. I LOVE the miniature reading table, and how apropos of our discussion of real books versus tech books. That’s amazing, and I agree with Roka, I would go blind.

    And I did see something yesterday!!! I saw a bagpiper in full regalia just walking down the street all by his lonesome! lololol Almost drove off the road. Now this wasn’t in my town, it was a few towns over, a little bigger town, but still. I wondered if it was a funeral at the Catholic church down the street, but I don’t think funerals usually end at 5:30. But when I passed the church there was a news van, so maybe, and that was another oddity in itself. But I couldn’t wait to tell you! lolol

    And thank you girls for my welcome back. We’re like the castaways over here. It’s homey
    and special here like another place used to be.

    Congrats to Hanna! Very exciting to have your name ‘in lights’.

  3. No, not mental notes. There are only so many file cabinets empty in my brain. I take a lot of pencil/paper notes. I have two cork boards in my office and laundry room. And I live with a hanging calander. You know, the big office ones you can read across the room. It’s my organizational phobia, I think. You simply have to get a display case up for those miniatures. Beyond belief. There is some little mouse out there that would love to furnish a mouse house.

  4. Hehe! Look at how you used your little table! We’ll have to get you a flickr site to feed those images on your sidebar.


    you can now find my blog at hannabrooksolsen.com

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