The rain just chased me around as I went erranding along this afternoon.  I really hate to get wet like that.  But my car looks good in this weather.


     I had to leave it for an appointment with The Guys tomorrow.  Very low gas mileage and a continuing habit of intermittent dying.  Hopefully a quick tune up and the Wee Walnut will be back on track.

    That top picture is of our downtown fountain, the art work is of jumping fishes.  Just a few blocks from there is the new Voo Doo Donuts.  I keep forgetting we have one, until I drive by Ken Kesey Plaza and see a line of people standing around.  Then I go, “oh yeah…”

    I saw one license plate from Hawaii and one from Colorado.  (When I see those Hawaii plates I always think about how that person had to ship their car over on a container boat.)  Two from Washington and four from California.  I see those states nearly every day, but never that many at once.  Seemed excessive.

   Also, I got the hiccups.  It dawned on me that I had not had this particular affliction in something like two years.  I hate them about as much as I hate getting wet.  An inconvenience that serves no purpose.  Oh, and it’s Cher’s birthday today. 

    Earlier Empress said, “no Axel, every time I make eye contact with you it does not mean bring all of your nearly hundred pounds over here up close and try to get into my lap.”  A few minutes ago I looked over at him, and made eye contact.  Evidently, in Axel-speak, that is precisely what it means.

Hours later update.  (Yes I know, this is the problem with me posting early in the evening, I get more ideas the later it gets.)

So I just saw that a witch in Canada (Ontario, sorry Lynne) is doing a tarot tweet.  It caused me to think about this blog (and its occasional tediousness, see above post for a prime example).  I have written, some where, some place, for as long as I can remember.  In the past few decades it’s been in journals (they are stashed all over this house).  And then the Hurricane set me up here, so I could write out into the blog-o-sphere.  For the past five or more years I have done a Sunday card, for myself, and put it in the journals.  I have lots of decks, not all of them Tarot.  (I just checked the desk in the outside office, here’s a sampling: Archangels, Cheryl Richardson Self Care, Sylvia Browne Heart & Soul, Healing with the Fairies, Doreen Virtue’s Saints & Angels.)  So here’s my question du jour, would you all like to have a weekly card draw?  A mini-reading of some deck? Or just hear what my card is every Sunday? Other ideas?  (Since it appears that my “business” of reading for money is not exactly bursting to happen any time soon.  I may as well read for people who want to be read for.  And free is fine, I’m sure I’ll get it back later, in karma or something.)  Let me know.  Send JulieLand off to friends and fam, see if they are interested in any of this.



7 thoughts on “Cloudburst Thursday.

  1. This is fast, but it is 12:23 and i am free, free i tell you! Nick, the Oracle as we call him, just submitted his Senior Thesis, all 13 pages of it. I can put away the cattle prod, the cookies and candy, my meanest looks, my hurtest looks, and everything else I’ve used this year to motivate and move him forward. FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh Julie how very nice of you. Reading cards would be wonderful. The possibilities are limitless for me now, cause I’m freee.

  3. Yay for you all Kristin!
    Hey with all that free time you need to see when this event is happening, Han just tweeted about a Book and Paper show up there (google around and see what you find). I would LOVE to see that!
    No other input on the card reading idea yet. I’ll wait one more day.

  4. omg, its this weekend. at the seattle exhibition hall. so cool, maybe i will talk the mr into going sunday. there is an antiquarian book show/ sale in oct 2010. but this weekend they have books and paper, but more importantly they said stuff. i love stuff. I think what they really said was ephemera. which is the really cool stuff.

  5. Yes! That’s the one she said. Gawd I would so love to go see the stuff! And the ephemera, the really good stuff!!!

  6. Hi Julie,I popped in (twice!) yesterday in an effort to make an informed decision about what possible changes you might make to your blog. I have since decided that I enjoy it so much that whatever you do is fine with me—and I will keep on reading and enjoying it!

    Kristin-Book and Paper—wow! Sounds fantastic! Enjoy your freedom!

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