That was the first “foreign” license plate I saw today, then nothing.  Except for the standard California and Washington, which I see every day, anywhere from one to ten, on anygiven trip out the door.  I thought it would be a foreign-less erranding moment.  But then…. Arkansas, Arizona, Alberta, and finally a small car sporting a rainbow stripe sticker with Indiana plates.  Whew.  That was a close one.

  Hi Lynne!  Glad to know you are there, thought of you when I spotted the Alberta car.

And as my son says, hope your not-the-real-Mexican-independence day was festive.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Tequila responsibly.

4 thoughts on “Wisconsin.

  1. Hi Julie!
    Lucky fellow Albertans to be in beautiful Oregon right now…however, Kristen, I’m with you on the way to handle Mercury! Julie, thoughts/

  2. I thought we were pretty geeky, apparently not enough. I just found out that on the day before Cinco de Mayo tons of Star Wars fans go around telling each other “May The 4th Be With You.” I know, I thought it was odd too. But almost funny.
    New Lynne & Julie Rules To Live By: Kristin is not allowed out of her safe place until after 3:27pm on the 11th.
    (And it has taken me three tries to get this up here, so I may have to make a rule for myself as well. Damn Mercury.)

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