5 thoughts on “Salads this time.

  1. I so like that you and Daniel do this class. This is an insanely odd thing to do. But I understand and the results are soooooooo cute. (sorry Daniel) One inch salads. What can you say. Do you have a shelf display of these micro-arts? Maybe a doll house to put them in? You have been busy the last few weeks. I got my very first ever ear ache/ infection this weekend. Lord almighty. I took everything they gave me. Specially the little kid numbing drops.

  2. Em’s reply can be seen when you click on the picture. Thanks Emmy, we thought so too.
    Han, I know. And it’s funny, but somehow also pathetic. However, we still make each other laugh. That’s all that counts.
    Kristin, ohmydeargawd woman. Stay in bed until this Mercury fiasco turns around! (Wow though, what a score on the numbing drops.) Sadly, we have no place nice to display our wee treasures. Yet. As soon as we get the dashboard of Emma’s car out of the extra bedroom we can set up a shelf in there. And it will be super adorable. I’ll even take pictures! (See, Dan does other things besides make me tiny salads, he also repairs our shit-mobiles.)

  3. Julie,
    This is AMAZING!!!! Love this, love your blog, love your pics! Thank you!

    Still lurking,

  4. aha! Mercury is not done with me yet. I think my wisdom tooth is cracked. I do like those numbing drops. Maybe a mummy headwrap dipped in the stuff. My plans until the 14th (?) are to stay in the house and clean closets or sleep.

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