So Em has this little orphan she is carting around.  (Max is a very funny dog!)  We don’t know his lineage, his history, or who his parents were.  This got her thinking about where she comes from.  Having the father she does, he produced several index cards; a lovely, albeit rustic-looking family tree; and some ‘background’ stories.  All very promptly, and all about things that were new to her.  He is now on the hunt for more facts.  Specifically knowledge of my own dad’s mother and her family.  My Nana’s genetics are where we get our great cheek bones and our Native American blood-line.  Sadly, there isn’t much in writing about this particular branch.  A lot like my own mother’s people.  Great stories, but nearly nothing written down.  Outlaws, banditos, dirt farmers, Oakies, mixed blood Indians (not the kind from India), Danish miners (one of whom died in a bar fight), a slim Jewish connection, and then all those Catholics too.  It’s interesting, and fascinating, and just turns history in to real life.  Where Max comes from is a mystery, but where we come from is full of great characters and many nations.

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  1. I think it was an Olsen grandfather, possibly Ned’s dad. You have to ask your father about the exact personage. He will bring his tree with him, if we both remember to pack it. He has to update everything this week, and maybe make all three of you copies.

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