It’s been five months and a week or so since we chopped off all of my hair.  I am still, and constantly frightened when I glance in the mirror.  Every once in a while I even forget, and reach up to pull it out of the collar of a coat or shirt.

Ever since I was old enough to purchase my own food, I have made cereal choices based on the toy or prize inside.  Tonight I walked in to a fast food establishment and they had little stuffed dogs on a display board advertising their kid’s meals.  I asked if I could just buy one, the fabulously lovely young man behind the counter GAVE me one.  For free.

Happy 18th Birthday Graham.  Buy a lottery ticket, but if you feel like it you could even buy porn now.

A comedian made fun of old ladies who still wrote checks in the grocery store.  I laughed, even though that’s me.

A woman told me this week that I am the best instructor she has ever met.  I taught her how to cross stitch, for 20 bucks an hour.  She can now do most of the work on her own, but she still calls, and thanks me.

The girl at the corner market complimented me on my smile yesterday.  She is really pretty, always stylish, but she said this to me, just out of the clear blue.

The dogs start to whine and bounce around when they hear my car, three blocks away.  Sure they only want a snack, but still.

Friends of my children have called me, or stopped to talk to me, and ask what their dreams mean.  And then listen when I tell them, and then thank me.

The cute guy who pumped my gas for me when I was in college is the same person who sleeps next to me.  It’s been over 27 years since the day I first spotted him and he invited me back to talk.  We went out for coffee and chocolate shakes.