So I have this crappy ugly commission piece of work that I hate doing, but need the measly 40 bucks, and I need it yesterday.  I force myself to do it because I’d really rather be finishing a beautiful (albeit HUGE) cross stitch work of art for my first born genius, and right behind that is another beautiful (and also HUGE) cross stitch piece for my second born genius.  Wanna know what gets me through these tedious hours right now?  Music.  Old songs, new songs, really old songs, songs only maybe five years old; music I can sing along with.  I was sitting there, singing along, and realizing how much I am enjoying the technology of the day.  (I will not say “when I was young” but I am thinking it.)  The mere fact that I have nearly 400 songs at my disposal, in a plastic case the size of an Oreo cookie is stunning to me.  I am overwhelmed with the ease and convenience of it all.  Like here, I can write stuff, be silly, be pertinent, be abusive, be adoring of my children, be outraged at the idiocy of this broken country, be anything I want.  And someone will read it.  I could actually be making a difference, somewhere.  No I won’t say that kids today have it…..blah blah blah, but I will count myself fortunate to have offspring who have forced me into the modern times enough to benefit from the parts that are fun.  And hopefully, useful.  To me, as well as others.