I knew it would be bad.  It could have been worse.  Went to get the car today, it wasn’t done, first bad sign.  The reason it wasn’t done was because, in putting things back together, a hose blew.  Second bad sign.  Then the guy says, “you can have it, for the weekend, but bring it back on Monday, and don’t tailgate, or expect that you can stop like you actually have brakes.  Technically you do, but I wouldn’t trust them.”  Yet another bad sign.  So I drive it (not quite home, I still have leftover errands from when I was stranded yesterday) and I see, immediately what he is talking about.  Okay, I FEEL what he is talking about.  The part is defective, I am only temporarily able to brake.  Sigh.  And my WebMaster is living with an imbecile.  And her car still has no heat.  On the plus side, my father found a computer in the barn, and we took it to some trained professionals (see “Embellishments” post) to have it looked at.  I blog, my father on the internet –  gawd, what’s next?  Hell freezing over?