If you are reading this (and is anyone actually reading this?) then there is something you should know about me.  I am a great starter.  I can begin nearly anything, craft projects top the list.  But finishing…..well, not so much.  Completion is difficult for me, nearly impossible some days.  And don’t even get me going on how Mercury Retrograde effects this already hostile situation.  But today I finished two somethings.  Complete.  Done.  Can do no more.  One, I even gave to the person I made it for, all in one day.  This is a new and wonderful feeling, I am definitely going to try and have this happen again.  (In case any one was wondering, and of course you were, the two finished things were quilts.)

One thought on “Something finished, something gained.

  1. 1.) I read this.

    2.) YAY! Quilting finished! Maybe having them be “due” (i.e. having people to give them to) is the recipe for you being a finisher, as well.


    xoxo me

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