I am anxiously awaiting my Witches Almanac slash calendar slash desktop datebook.  I need to know when that dastardly Mercury will go retrograde this year.  I have to have the exact moon phase times.  And also my niece wanted one, so I ordered two.  It’s very important to have these details.  Even when they arrive, and are done in Greenwich Mean Time, or Eastern Standard, or what ever ridiculous clock setting this particular publisher chooses, I always have to convert to Pacific, my time.  But it’s worth the math, these are vital bits of fact that influence our everyday lives, and those around us.  Mercury is a particular bane to me (being a Virgo) and my Gemini daughter.  We are ruled by Mercury, and by the Moon Herself.  So when this is going backwards, and communications are completely screwed up, we are at risk.  And this transfers to all of those we come in contact with.  (She and I come in contact with a LOT of folks!)  Now you see the reason I am concerned, and keep peeking out the front window to see if anything has appeared on the front porch.

Marian Keyes.  Worth looking into.  She is an author who lives in Ireland.  Has an amazing way with words, and a very refreshing (by which I mean honest) outlook on life.  One of her books, “Rachel’s Holiday” (or something like that) is about a young women’s brief, but meaningful, time in re-hab.  She has a new book coming out in March, I am looking forward to it.  She also does a blog and newsletter.  Funny lady.

Have I mentioned to anyone lately how much I hate my hair?  Or rather, my lack of hair?  It’s scary.  And I am already a frightening person (just ask my kids).  I gave my hair away, all three and a half feet of it.  To my little sister.  She needed it more than I did.  She took it with her on her final journey, and she has been appearing to everyone in dreams and visions, flaunting it.  Which I am sort of glad about.  She really is enjoying it, but I miss it.  And I miss her.