Since I am just getting started here, I suppose it’s typical to have some gaps, but they shouldn’t be considered standard operating procedure.  Music has been around as long as people have (and yes, it certainly predates the bible, that amusing, re-written, overly edited work of fiction that so many sheep literally swear by).  Suffice it to say that melody and rhyme are a part of every one of us.  Now, where the disparity comes in is when music is broken up into categories.  Obviously tunes differ, continent to continent, country to country, region to region.  I have very strong opinions about what I love and what I detest.  But I accidentally ran across a singer/song writer over a year ago that I adore.  K.T. Tunstall.  Look her up, listen to her lyrics and sound.  She is excellent.

It is also worth the time and coinage to order the new Eagles CD from their website (I disagree with the whole box store thing, but I understand why they did it).