How I spent my Eve-fireworks, excitement, frivolity, loud music, party, silly hats, perhaps even a pinata.  Oh, none of that was me.  This was my entire neighborhood, or maybe it just seemed that way to me and my companions.  I was the one who stayed in, took care of the dogs and generally wished everybody else would hurry up and finish, and stumble their way home.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a gathering of celebratory nature as much as the next guy.  And I made the choice to be the one at home.  But really.  How much fun can it actually be to stand out in the freezing rain, hour after endless hour, lighting off loud popping strings of firecrackers?  All the while, every animal (wild and domestic) within a five mile radius is barking, whining, shivering, screeching, or clawing to get away?  My personal opinion is that if each person who finds this suitable entertainment spent just one night trying to calm, explain, or sooth a pet through a situation like this, well, they just wouldn’t do it again.  It would no longer be fun. 

Every year during the week of July 4th activities (and now apparently New Year’s Eve), tons of dogs and cats run away.  They get plowed down in traffic, they get totally lost, or they end up in local shelters, never to be claimed by their loving humans who can’t find them.  And I won’t even go in to property damage.  Yes, it’s probably just me, but I believe it’s idiotic and irresponsible.  Also very selfish.

Website Connections.

There is a  counted cross stitch company run by a brilliant woman.  Even if you don’t do this kind of hand work, the place is worth visiting.  And her forums are good too.  Scarlet Quince.  Go there, see what this craft CAN be.