Squeezed. Then sweetened.

             Another big long painful stretch of work for me, no breaks, no days off.  My (hourly) mantra has been:

attitude of gratitude, be grateful for the job.

             But, ya know, it can be challenging, and I’m not super patient.  Hopefully now that some new folks have been hired (and some of MY suggestions have been heard and enacted), we won’t be going through this sort of torture again.

             At the end of it all, here’s what I heard,


             By which, of course, the Universe means, when we are gifted a basket full of golden citrus fruits . . . .

we are to celebrate.  To bake.  To make healthy juices.  To zest ’em and add to every damn thing we eat.

             Last place is still worthy of a prize.  We finished, we didn’t give up.  Even if we started over, we continued on.  We arose every new day and moved through it.

             And sometimes, we drank tasty lemonade.  Because the truth is, we CAN handle it.  We WILL be fine.  We DID set this all in motion.  We ARE worth it.

             On our card altar right now is an excellent validation, and just the right type of reminder.


“Skunk  ~  7  ~  Reputation

Unlike other predatory animals, Skunk does not threaten your life, but threaten your senses.

Skunk is teaching you that by walking your talk and by respecting yourself, you will create a position of strength and honored reputation.

Learn to assert, without ego, what you are.  Respect follows.  Walk tall, be proud of accomplishments you have made.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson, illustrated by Angela C. Werneke

Today’s Sharing:

is this small piece I just spotted recently.  Jot it down, hold it close, I’ll be doing the same.

Forget yesterday,

don’t worry about tomorrow,

enjoy today.


Merci, Gracias

             This afternoon went delightfully well, what with grandbaby holding, a nice meal out, and some sewing room projects.  The entirety of which brought our message through, loud and clear.

             Because, as beautiful as those hours where, they were brief.  My time with loved ones, crafts I enjoy, self-care moments, they all fly by due to an unbalanced amount of on-the-clock time (and overtime).  There is an uncomfortably rushed undertone to all that I’ve been doing lately.

             The Universe would like us to address this, and look at


             We are being asked to take a sec, just that quick few minutes, and really wrap our gratitude around us like a cozy old quilt.  FEEL how warm and comforting it is.  Hold on to it, enjoy it, be there with it.  Be in those precious experiences while they’re happening.  Fully.

             Additionally, if there’s anything in our lives right now, anything we can acknowledge and appreciate involving others . . . tell them!  We must honestly reach out and say Thank You.

             Whatever it is we are grateful for, we absolutely HAVE to tell/show/offer our appreciation.  Say it outloud, say in a text, say it in card we mail with a damn stamp.  Just so long as we say it.  Just so long as we appreciate these gifts.

            As the perfect validating reminder, here’s what appeared on our card altar.


“Life  ~

Since we all have chosen our charts, life is an individual learning experience, like classes we take in school.”


I do my best to pass my charted courses so that my soul may reflect Divine magnificence, as I live my life in Joy and with Love.

Today’s Deck:

Heart and Soul Guidance Cards by (the late) Sylvia Browne

Today’s Sharing:

is to say that, true, I do not believe in the commercialized version of Valentine’s Day.  I do, however, believe wholeheartedly in the value of letting our loved ones know how we feel.

             Sending love, far and wide, from me to you.  I appreciate each and every one of you, any and all who may be reading this post.

             Thank you, for being here, and for being you.


Acceptance Lessons, with Action

             As previously discussed (repeatedly), we all know that I don’t have an excellent relationship with Time.  We have different ideas of success, Time and I.

           We have different goals.  I’ve come to accept this.  Me and Time, not always on the same page.

             What I’m learning, too (because EVERYTHING is a fucking lesson!), is that this challenge, this agree-to-disagree situation with Time, it’s fine.  For right now, we, Time and I, we can continue to not necessarily see eye-to-eye.  Nothing tragic will happen.

             And this is where our message is taking us, through time, and in to:


             Because truthfully?  Shit just takes as long as it takes.  If we miss one chance?  Another will roll around.

             It’s never “too late” – nothing is a mistake.  Every experience and situation can teach us something.  Every relationship and interaction is beneficial.

             In the end (spoiler alert, Universal Truth: there is no end), Time moves forward, as do we.

             So, if it feels like we need to go faster/slower, do something sooner/something is taking too damn long, or however our humanity is manifesting timely dissatisfaction, all we have to remember is that, Time has a clock.  But we, we have a soul.

             Once we accept (with patience and tolerance and a wee bit of grace) that timing is NOT everything, our own inner ticking will become quieter and the true songs of lovingkindness and joy will become easier to hear.

             At first glance, this draw I was directed to, might not seem like the most perfect validation.  The opposite perhaps.  But as we read closely, it will become obvious that it certainly is ideal.  Even timely!


“Taking Action  ~

‘I enthusiastically embrace life’s boundless possibilities.’

Card meaning:

Don’t hesitate!  Whatever you’ve been putting off, now is the time to act.

Stand tall, raise your fists to the sky, and leap into action.  Break out the champagne, for victory is in reach.

The Universe wants you to know:

Action creates momentum.  Whatever you have been wishing and waiting for, this is the right time to move forward without looking back.

Quicken your spirit by taking action now.  Even if you have to face your fears in order to do so, look them in the eye with a calm and clear gaze and forge ahead.

The action you take now will reap immense rewards in the future.

Questions to ask yourself:

In what area of my life should I take action now?  What blocks me from action, and how can I overcome this?  What is the most direct action that will yield the greatest result?


I enthusiastically embrace life’s boundless possibilities.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Sharing:

 is this view from the February page of my OutHouses.


So simple, and so classic.

             Every one of these is better than the last!  This calendar, it definitely makes me happy.  And that really needs to be a priority, for all of us.


Of Great Value

             We all know about receiving messages.  In our daily lives, as we move about our jobs, chores, errands, and mundane concerns.  They pop up.

             When we notice them, they can be so comforting.  But if we ignore them, the messengers will keep trying.

             One of the most wonderful parts of living a spiritual life is the realization that we aren’t going through any of this alone.  And those signs, those subtle symbols, they remind us.  They reach us.

             Here’s what I heard today, amongst chaos and heartache and pain, this came through:

focus and forgive.

             Maybe who needs forgiving right now is ourselves.  Maybe what we need to focus on is SelfCare.  Maybe, just maybe, this is a time to take a step back, and simply go within.

             Even if it’s just our quick fix, the fast few moments we can grab between every other needy and distasteful demand on our time and our energy.  Probably, this message will keep coming up, until we listen.

             As a form of validation, look at who (and what) has appeared on our card altar.

archangel metatron

“Prioritize  ~

Archangel Metatron:

‘Focus on your highest priorities.  I will help you get organized and motivated.’

Additional Message:

‘What’s your calling?  What makes your heart sing?  When you focus on these areas, your joyful energy increases, which benefits everyone.

Take charge of your schedule, and spend more time on priorities and activities close to your heart.  Make choices which honor your priorities and support your life’s mission.’

Working with Archangel Metatron:

Metatron… helps people develop organizational and record-keeping skills.

When you call upon Metatron, he motivates you to organize and prioritize.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is to say that I’d like to follow this suggestion.  I’m going to ask for that help, and have faith about my success.


Appearance, and Presentation

             There’s world news, as always.  But, there’s also family news.  Our message today has to do with both.  I heard it, was guided to discuss it, and was shown some features about it.

             In all things, there’s two (or more!) sides to every story.  But this, this has no variants.  It either is, or it isn’t.  No gray areas.

             Here’s what the world is talking about, and here’s what the Universe wants us to talk about.


             To see and feel and know the truth seems like it should be easy.  And in many ways it is.  We understand, on a soul level what resonates with us, and what absolutely does NOT.

             What we need to remember is that emotion, that feeling, that inner knowing.  Go with it by listening to our higher selves, and we’ll be forever on our true path.

            Here is where I was directed, for today’s card altar validation.  It couldn’t be more perfect and appropriate.

higher self

“Judgement/Higher Self  ~  46

Precision, Rationality, Analysis, Discernment

This isn’t the time to act under an imagined sense of urgency.  Keep your emotions from running away with you.  Turn to your Higher Self, engage your power of reason, and trust your inclination to step away from the drama and intensity of the moment.

Study and analyze all the factors of the situation, and allow your Higher Self to guide you to the right end.  Sleep on it tonight.  

Better yet, sleep on it three nights, then heed the message of your Higher Self:

Leave it to me for me.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is to say that our Empress, after over 48 hours of labor, gave birth to a most perfect and beautiful baby girl early this morning.  Her truth comes from her compassion and her power.  That is her strength.

             We are beyond proud of her.  She is an amazing human.  And her daughter’s pretty cool, too.