Unconditional love and support are our birthright, as spiritual beings on this planet.  Since we DO where physical bodies though, we sometimes stumble, get stuck, or forget what is our due.

             Today’s message is a soul reminder.  The Universe would like us to recall how very sacred and uniquely special we truly are.

Shining Brightly

             I am fully aware that negative folks constantly battle against the very knowledge of us all being so brilliantly wonderful, but I absolutely do not care.  I also refuse to give any credit to pessimistic naysayers who focus only on the terrible in our world.

             Right now, in this moment, while we sit (or stand, or recline, or whatever) our aim is to see the light.  To see the beauty.  To see with lovingkindness all that there is to view and appreciate.

             For this brief (and holy-because-we-are-in-it) period of time, we are blessed with a shining brilliance that is free, and is naturally uplifting.  It costs nothing to bathe in it.  It costs nothing to keep the shining joy close to our hearts as we head off into other parts of our day.

             It is our heritage, our honour, and our privilege to shine brightly.  There is no reason NOT TO.

             On our card altar (illuminating us even more) is a messenger who arrived in the direct position, but I knew immediately that she needed us to see both sides of what she represents.


“The Wise Woman of Wonderland  ~  21  ~

integrity, compromise

The Wise Woman of Wonderland brings integrity to thought, word, and deed.  She lets you know that as long as you are in the flow of honesty and being true to your word, she keeps you under her protection and care.

When she appears as your Ally, she signals a time when honesty pays off, yielding greater dividends than you expected.  You will be thankful that you remained faithful and loyal to your path.

She reminds you that compromise isn’t always an option.  Stay true to yourself first and foremost.  Although it may appear that you could lose something as a result, you can never lose what is truly yours.


When the Wise Woman of Wonderland appears as a Challenger, this is a sign that you may have compromised yourself out of fear.  

Have you been in denial about the truth of your situation?  Have you sold yourself short rather than ask for what you really need?  Have you given up your dream for another because you fear abandonment?

The Wise Woman of Wonderland is gently reminding you that you count.  Claim your good and never settle for less.

Be fearless and make it so!

Why hang around for more disappointment when wonderful adventures and opportunities are waiting to unfold for you?”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this view of what I’m currently reading.  (Timely, synchronistically so.)

4 agreements

I keep calling it the “Four Elements
…… and that’s so not the same.

             I only just picked up both from the library late this afternoon, so I haven’t done more than glance.  They were recommended by Kim Russo (who I greatly admire and have chatted with a few times on-line).  I’ll keep you posted about what this brings and what I learn.


It’s also about having faith.

             I’m writing this on Friday, so that it will post for you on the very first second of Saturday.  It’s a special day (and you can see below, we’ve gone with our Special Occasion deck), today The Deputy and I have been married for 33 years.

             Which is pretty great.  Until you compare it to our parents.  Both sets, 50 plus, for the two couples.  We have a way to go, me and Dan, and we’ll always be chasing them.

             This is okay, a good thing, in fact.  Not competitive, merely a focused aim.  And it’s what our message is looking at right now, too.

             We’re being asked to see:


             It’s a Universal Truth that everything changes.  While at the same time, much appears to be the same.

             What gives some relationships / lessons /general life experiences a hefty dose of longevity?  While others are short-term?

              People have compared marriage to sporting events, business deals, and a variety of other types of team or partnered activities.  It’s not like any of them.  It’s specific unto itself, and it can be a part of our journey.

              Also, a marriage can change.  From within, just as we do.  When it grows along with the people in it, then it has longevity.  When it is more of a rest stop along the way, then it’s not so long-lived, and that was the purpose it served. The lesson we gain, that stays with us forever.

             We all learn as individuals, and that’s part of our adventure, too.  Whether we participate together with another person, or we walk our path as a solitary traveler, the long-haul type of experiences are flowing and moving, shifting and evolving, just like all of life.  What we take with us from each lesson is where Longevity speaks the loudest.

             On our card altar, here’s one of the reasons why.


“Bustard  ~  18  ~  Confidence

Spirit is all that is.  It is the life force in all things.  Spirit resides in the mountains, in the trees, the rivers, and the clouds; the birds, the insects, the stones, the plants, and the four winds.  Everything of Creation is a celebration of Spirit – including you and me.

To know Spirit is to have unwavering confidence that we will be protected, nurtured, and encouraged to live a prosperous life.  To walk with Spirit is to know true abundance on all levels: healthy and happy children, meaningful relationships, a balanced life, a healthy and strong body, a sound mind.  When we recognise these things as being true abundance, Spirit welcomes more conventionally recognised forms of abundance to flow freely into our lives.

The Bustard exhibits a proud faith in the belief that Spirit and Mother Earth will provide all that is needed to live an honest, protected, and humble life.  It demonstrates how to achieve a modest yet confident air fueled by trust, stillness, and a discreet approach to life.

Bustard does not suggest that we strip ourselves of all earthly possessions in order to live a good life, though.  It simply warns that to favour material things and the attainment of money is no guarantee of an abundant and happy life.

Bustard wonders if you have stopped trusting your relationship with Spirit.  Have you lost faith in your connection with the Earth Mother?  Have you begun to see the accumulation of material belongings as being proof of your worthiness rather than the inherent connection you have with all things?

Bustard is encouraging you to sit motionless, silent within yourself, and ask whether or not you feel confident that your life is leading you in the direction you had hoped.  Are you able to hold your head up, with your face aimed directly at Spirit, and say that your life is all that it was meant to be?

Bustard asks that you focus on the wealth and abundance that you already have in your life and give thanks for them.  Surrender your fears and limitations and offer gratitude to the Earth Mother and to Spirit for your wonderful life, and feel confident that you will soon know great wealth on all levels.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is the Instagram view of our beginning.

married 33 years

Not really sure why it was legal in 1982 for children to get married…..

             Little known fact: my sister made that hair wreath about two hours before the ceremony.  Using flowers she and I picked from our apartment building’s courtyard planter and some leftover bits of my bouquet (which, itself, was a half-assed home-made construction we threw together, also at the last minute).

             Oh yeah, we’re fancy folk!   (Not.)


Defensive Release

             Remember when we talked about how each of us have our own geniuses?  How we all learn in our own individual way?  I was reminded of this just now.  It was made known to me that there is a particular method, a way in which I comprehend most clearly.

             I can cement a concept better into my conscious brain if there is a sensible and basic structure.  It has to arrive with a usable image, an illustration that rings true, somewhere deep inside of me.

             And this time, it appeared as our message.

Travel Light

             Baggage (emotional or physical, real or metaphorical) is heavy.  And it’s burdensome.  It can be challenging to manage.

             The Universe is suggesting that we leave it behind.  Just walk away.  It is recommended that we journey only with a small carry-on.  When we arrive someplace, we can then add to what we’ve already (easily) been able to tote with us.

             But, if we’ve brought every single bit of crap in our pockets, packed in bags and luggage, balanced on our head, we don’t have room for anything new, and we certainly can’t enjoy the scenery.  We’re too busy managing our gear to be able to look out and gaze at the view.

            For me, personally, this is a complicated and difficult lesson.  But, when it’s framed in such a way that I can SEE it, then it becomes more accessible and less stressful to assimilate.

             The messenger who is currently perched on our card altar represents a timely validation.  It can be so complicated, looking at our own skills and flaws (going through that baggage).  And yet, when done honestly, it only helps us to shine more brightly (and freely).

             In the end, a genuine review (and a sharing) gives us the assistance we need to move forward in a less prickly and harsh manner.


“Porcupine  ~

‘You may defend yourself honorably without hurting those close to you.’

Porcupine trusts in the world.  Individual but unterritorial she shares her dens, her favorite verdant pastures, and is rewarded with plenty.

But when trust is broken Porcupine defends herself fiercely with barbed quills, causing even Tiger to defer.  Like Porcupine, share your bounty with others, be it material or emotional, and discover that it returns to you tenfold.

Trust in others while not hesitating in defense and you too will garner the respect that Porcupine commands and the happiness you deserve.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages by Susie Green

Today’s Counting News:

is to say that the post you are reading right now is number 2211.  In symbology, repeated numerals always have a deep and profound meaning.  Twos and ones bring us balance as we start anew.

             The duality of Two (repeated), alongside the individuality of One (as Eleven), shows us how to work together, begin team projects energetically, while still maintaining our own sense of who we are.

             From THIS site, we have the idea that “2211 is a number of family, harmony, and companionship, with an occasional desire to be alone for a while.”

             I love that definition, it perfectly describes me.  It also, apparently, is precisely where we are right now.


Questing and Knowing and Assenting

             In our (often rushed) day-to-day doings, we become distracted.  We can forget why we’re actually here, why we’ve taken on this task, why we set forth this plan at all.

             The truth is, we are here to learn.  To grow.  To help.  To evolve!  And in the practice of it all, we sometimes forget our sacred soul self; along the way we might get caught up in the “game” but not the goal.

             Today’s message arrives as a pleasant and kind reminder of how we can smooth out some of the rough spots.  How we can let go of the stresses and coast a bit more easily.

Unconditional Acceptance

             When we cease the nothingness competitions, stop the race to nowhere, we can look with gentle eyes on our gifts, our spiritual accomplishments.  The very joy we feel in the existence of our loved ones needs to be acknowledged, with intention and awareness.

             Recognizing our own graciousness and beauty, that is part of unconditionally accepting the physical and mental aspects of this voyage, this adventure we are on.  It beings within.

             To move forward, with no conditions, with all-encompassing acceptance and lovingkindness, that is why we’re here.  That is our journey.  That is our task and our pleasure.

             On the card altar right now we have been given another type of gift.  Validating tales from healing waters.

unconditional acceptance


 ~  45  ~

 Wonder voyage, crossing deep waters, pilgrimage, journey of the soul.

The Mermaids Sing:

‘You may have heard in the great legends and stories of the Celtic people this word, Imramma . . . and of the many islands and seas that must be crossed , of the ninth wave, and of the places that you can journey to.

We come to sing to you of your own soul voyage that must take place now, and urge you to take our hands and swim, swim with us, sail next to us, paddle alongside us, and we shall show you the way to navigate the great currents and to traverse the world of the air and the world of the water.  

You have long divided yourself into your parts; your emotions you keep so separate from your head.  On Imramma, the lines you have so cleanly divided all into will blur, and you will at times no longer know what is real or unreal.

But all the while we will sing you onwards, calling you forth, so you continue to follow the journey of your soul.  Prepare for sights that are wonders, creatures who defy your imagination, and discoveries about who you are.

You will gather so much, and experience such awe, that you will feel at times you may be dreaming.  But you are not.  You are embarking on an Imramma, and all that you encounter is the Unknown.

Lands of strangers will teach you, and you will be akin to Odysseus as he voyaged.  And you will discover that mermaids are not those sirens of myth, but rather, the navigators of the emotional underworld, who are there to help you reach the other side, extending yourself, feeling the wind in your hair …’


‘….. the Imramma (or the pilgrimage over water) is one that is guided by the sea beings, including mermaids – and one that we all must make during our lifetimes.  You are now being asked to prepare …… Be ready – this will be a wonderful voyage, and you will always be glad you listened and made your pilgrimage of the soul ….. Say yes, for now is the time to travel forth and return only when your Imramma, your soul journey, is complete’.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish

Today’s Power Statement:

I serve with love and joy.


With All Honesty

             Today’s message is simple.  It arrived quickly, and with no fanfare, no celebration.  It is a direct, and to-the-point sort of reminder.

             We know how the balance of the Universe works.  Dark – light, night – day, hot – cold, sun – moon, sad – happy.  (Although, all are subjective, there truly is now “bad” or “good” in genuine authenticity.)

             It’s more about Truth.  Those parts which all come together for making up of the whole.

Open and Clear

             When we are honest, open, available to learn and perceive and accept, we are better prepared for our lessons.  And our gifts, too.

             As we know very well, this journey is nothing if not lesson-focused.  So, to venture along in any way which is not authentic, clear, is to be dishonest on a most profound and personal level.

             Prominently displayed on our card altar right now, this resounding validation is just as direct and to the point.

hidden treasure

“Goddess Of The Shadows  ~

‘what you perceive to be your dark side holds hidden treasure.’

Realise that any perception or belief that you have about yourself or others is actually a deception more than it is a perception.

What you perceive to be your dark side or shadow self holds a hidden treasure.  As humans, we rarely see the full picture in any situation because we are forever stuck in the illusion of good and bad.

You judge your positive and negative qualities and strive to be more of what you perceive to be positive while attempting to disown or neglect those aspects which you consider to be negative.

By holding this belief, you fail to realise that all serves a purpose and that all benefits you in some way.

Everything in our world is made up of positive and negative charges, which together make a whole.  You have been guided to choose this card by your soul, because you are ready to move to the next level of conscious awareness.  

Over the coming months you will find yourself questioning many of your long-held beliefs and you will realise that many of them are simply illusions that only serve to keep you feeling small, inadequate, or restricted.

This card heralds the start of a wondrous and empowering period in your life which brings to the surface many beautiful experiences and opportunities which, in the past, you never thought possible.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s View Of Rosemary:

is this shot from yesterday.  As we all stopped for a snack.


Sitting in a chair, like people.

             And yes, she is wearing a delightful, island print, tank dress.   (It’s really a shirt I found for ninetynine cents in the baby section of a second-hand store.)

             But why is she in clothes, you may ask?  Because it looks nice, her harness fits better, it helps her feel secure (this is an actual fact, there is science behind it and everything), and ……… I can; nearly all the animals in our care have had their own wardrobes.

             (She now owns TWO garments, we’ve had her 8 days, that’s a hell of a lot of restraint, for me.)