Paying Attention

            We’re being reminded today that our diligence pays off.  Putting in the work has immeasurable benefits.  It really is worth the effort to stick with it.

             Right now we are being advised to stay alert and prepared.  Any time, any place, our messages could show up, our validations could appear.

            This is exactly what I heard:

Keep Looking

             When we ask for reassuring signs, they DO appear.  And when we DON’T ask for recognition, they still show up.  It’s our job to be on the awares and notice them.

             Especially at this point in the year.  If anyone wants to reach across, now is the time.  Even if all they have to say is “I’m good!”

             It seems as though this is a continuation from our previous recent message about watching for signs in pairs.  It’s not at all unusual to hear from our loved ones right about now.

             Back within our regular rotation around the card altar, this small suggestion could make all the difference.  When we are well rested and feeling our best, we are more able to hear and understand the messages around us.


“Rejuvenation  ~

Get a good night’s sleep.

Rejuvenate your body,


and spirit.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Celebration:

Happy (Witches) New Year!  I hope your Samhain was safe and beautiful.



             To examine closely, we need to step back.  To see clearly, we sometimes need to keep our eyes shut.  To truly analyze within, we often must look outwards.

             These are some of the images I was shown this morning.  We are being reminded not to overcomplicate the simplest of situations.  We are being asked to let the view go easy on our vision, fall gently into our knowledge.

Break it Down

             It’s not easy to figure out what’s the problem, sometimes.  Or to even see WHERE the problem might be.  Even though we can feel a discomfort.

             To look inside of ourselves, we have to first accept that we are fine.  Just as we are.  Then, we can begin to decipher the dilemma.

             One way to do this is to keep it simple, and to ask for help.  When we reach out, the best results will arrive if our requests are specific and to the point.  Not when we try to “manage” all of the solutions.

             Some shit just isn’t up to us.  So it’s best to simply be in it, acknowledge it, then let it go.  Asking for help to Release has shown to be one of the most basic and beneficial methods of getting the best results.

             Well before I left the warm water of my bed this morning, I was directed to a specific stack of cards.  And here, for our daily draw, was what appeared.

             At first, it seems to maybe counteract our message, but looking further, we see that it’s an excellent validation and beginning point.


“Self – Reliance  ~

‘You are your own best friend, and you can provide for yourself emotionally and physically.’

Sometimes we feel frightened and want to get reassurance from another person that everything is going to be all right.  By drawing this card, you are reassured that everything you need is provided for you.

You can rely on yourself and your own spiritual gifts to manifest all that you need in your life.   Although your manifestations are the energy of Spirit that often funnels through other people, it still originates with your own thoughts.

This card also counsels you to filter out negativity that may sway you from listening to your own inner voice.  Don’t let naysayers talk you out of fulfilling your dreams.

You are as qualified and deserving of achievements as any other person.  With focused intention and Divinely guided action, your dreams are becoming reality right now.


I am tuned in to my inner source of direction.  I confidently rely upon this inner source to guide me perfectly.”

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Personal Plea:

Dear House Elves, I’d really like it if you returned my Ingrid Michaelson CD so that I can put new music on the pool class playlist, Please and Thank you.


Observationally Times Two

            It’s been a while since we talked about signs arriving and messages received, seemingly, out of the blue.  Those “random” but meaningful symbols are what I was shown this morning.  Twice.

Doubling Up

             My own personal example was a dream within a dream. (Not as confusing as it sounds.)

            We’re being reminded to watch (and listen) for pairs, multiples of two.  Anything occurring twice, in an obvious and glaring fashion.  This is how we’ll know that here is our sign, that is our message.

             (Don’t forget, they can be subtle, so stay alert and pay attention.)  When we DO recognize a sign, get quiet.  It will tell us who sent it, and why.

             I was directed (very strongly and loudly) to leave our regular rotation around the card altar for this exactly perfect, and complimentary, daily draw.


“Wizard of Awareness  ~  3  ~

‘Your soul knows best;

be still and observe.’

Mindfulness is about being observant, and remaining neutral about what goes on in the world around you.  This applies to the environment within you, too.  

If you struggle inside yourself, stepping into an observer position gives you a new, powerful perspective that neutralizes any discomfort or overexcitement.  You have the capacity to see things clearly now, unencumbered by opinion or desire.

Wearing the world as a loose garment requires you to adopt a sense that nothing that happens to you is personal.  People come and go; experiences evolve from one state to another in a continual shifting and change no matter how much you want things to stay the same.

The Wizard of Awareness asks you to give up your need to define or limit what you’re experiencing now.  It’s all good!

Let it be, and watch the miracle unfold without any direct influence from you.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

will be this Instagram view from earlier in my day.

I was literally less than five feet away.

I was literally less than five feet away.

             Dan got one-out-of-two carvings done last night, and he did what he always does, sets the guts and seeds on that back table (until he can deal with it all later, during daylight/not working hours).   Only this time, (many!) bluejays found it, and we watched the scene unfold before our very eyes.

             Highly entertaining.  Add in Fat Squirrel (who frequents the deck on a regular basis, pawing through the lettuce planters trying to remember where s/he hid [chronically misplaced] winter stores) and we had some up-close-and-personal wildlife excitement.

            (I got this shot by opening the glass slider and positioning a kitchen chair right on the edge of the doorway, then, being entirely still.  And waiting.)

             And yes, that’s a clever, pumpkiny depiction of Flipper.  So it’s obviously MY selection this year.  (He hasn’t chosen his yet.)


Existing Circumstances

             There are some of us who purchase pre-worn garments, and others who shop exclusively for new clothing.  What our message talks about today is the correlation between this observation, and how we deal with the lessons in our lives.

            Sometimes, the adventure of hunting down a piece of clothing is very similar to the drama/joy of walking our path.  We often end up with an item of great value in the process.

As Is

             When we accept that some things just ARE, then we don’t have to keep expecting them to be another way.  Used clothes shopping is a gamble, and it takes time.  New clothes shopping is also chancy, but maybe doesn’t have that lost-in-the-wilderness hunting feel to it.

             If one person has more time than money, and also feels like purchasing from big-box retailers is not a way she wants to live, that’s a perfectly valid choice.  Just as, if an individual has plenty of cash and wants to go out and acquire something new and shiny.

             It’s about choice, and options, and being able to say, with conviction and pride, that we stand on our own feet and we select from what is available.  We live with our path As it Is.  We accept that sometimes, an old pre-owned item might work as well as anything new and expensive.  Both will do the job.  It’s up to us to decide where we go to get it.

             In the regular rotation around our card altar right now, we’re being handed a validating gift.   And when we are presented with such, we say, thank you.


“Beryl  ~

resolution, stress reduction, potential new possibilities

An ongoing problem or dilemma will soon be resolved in an unexpected way.  As a consequence, your stress levels and anxiety will decrease.

Through this, exciting new pathways open for you and you discover new possibilities for your life.  As this current situation is resolved you will simultaneously and subconsciously let go of a past regret or guilt that has only served to sabotage the creative possibilities that have been available for you for quite some time.

It is time for you to shine!

Open your heart and you’ll see the unlimited potential that resides within you.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS product.  Which I had never heard of before this week.  We are investigating further.


On this day . . .

             In honour of my best friend’s birthday* we’ve drawn from our Special Occasion cards.

*Yes, he’s also the guy I’m married to, and father of all my brilliant and beautiful children.

             It’s such a deep and full message that we’ll make this our singular and primary focus right now.


“Platypus  ~  35  ~

Women’s Wisdom

According to Aboriginal legend, the Platypus was birthed form the forbidden coupling of two souls joined by unlawful union.   Out of vengeance for their reprehensible behaviour, the Elders transformed her into a Duck and him into a Water Rat.   They were then exiled indefinitely from their respective clans.  She eventually produced an egg, from which hatched a strange furry, duck-billed creature equipped with four powerful webbed feet: the Platypus.

Those who have ever felt abandoned or rejected should seek the wisdom of the Platypus.  She was created under a blanket of dishonesty, judgment, and betrayal, brought into this world as a result of true, honest, but devastating love.

No matter how old we are, we instinctively look to our parents, as our primary role models, for confirmation and guidance in all areas of our life.  But what if that guidance is absent, or predisposed by traditional values or belief; values or beliefs inappropriate for today’s world?

Platypus is not only committed to her parent’s heartfelt desire to see the people merge with peace and love in their hearts, but also to the empowerment of all women by reminding them of their worth, wisdom, and their role as ‘sorcerers,’ individuals charged with the power to create within the dark recesses of their womb.  She works to free all women of guilt and oppression and to reinstate their connection to ‘the source.’

If Platypus has swum into your life today, you are being prepared to realise, understand, and embrace the potency of your own intuition and higher levels of knowing.

A creature that swims with her eyes shut, Platypus listens to the heartbeat of the Earth Mother for direction.  She looks to her inner yin and yang for guidance, thus finding the strength needed to make her own decisions.

She honours her innate masculine and feminine qualities, knowing that she is more than capable of navigating herself through life without the support of others.

You are being urged to trust your own judgment, direction, and endurance.  This is the wisdom of all women – the ability to trust in their intuition and to consciously act with purpose. 

Women are natural dreamers, visionaries, and mystics, but they must embrace their masculine aspects in order to realise the full potential of these gifts.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Celebration:

Daniel, all that he is and all that he’s done for us.