Crystalline Consideration

             We are looking.   And perceiving.  In fact, our entire message is based on us viewing with an observational mindset.

             In the Zen tradition, we are taught of three usages relating to our mind.  The “thinking” part of ourselves (the one we’re most familiar with in this Western world), that’s for rational thought.

             At the other end of the spectrum we have (what is fondly, and sometimes not so fondly, referred to as) a Monkey Mind.  Pretty self-explanatory.  It chatters, and won’t shut the hell up.

             In observation mode, the third (actually visualized as “middle”) aspect, we neither think nor feel.  We don’t judge and we don’t become caught up in the hamster wheel of overwhelming chaos.  We view.

             Here is what the Universe is recommending for us, here is the suggestion which will be the most helpful for whatever we are currently facing.

Use the Observation Mind now.

             All of what we do and say can be traced back to our conditioning, our culture, our family, our up-bringing.  Sometimes the best way for us to move forward is to detach from that history, and begin a new version of ourselves.

             When we do it from the Observation Mind standpoint, we can make decisions much more sound, and much more based on what our soul’s journey is all about.  We can assist ourselves by leaving judgment and emotion out of the equation.

             We can be our own best allies.  Our own foundation and support.

             I spent a great deal of my therapy hour this week focusing on tools.  From our card altar we have a brilliant (and easy) process which works seamlessly beside/with the Observation Mind.  A tool that anyone can utilize (and see results).

daily positivity

“Morning Affirmation  ~

‘Say positive affirmations each morning to open the gates of manifestation.’

This card asks you to begin each day with positive intentions and affirmations.  Before arising from your bed, spend a few moments thinking about your desires.

Don’t worry about how to bring them into physical form.  Just allow yourself to imagine that they are already manifested.

Then, make one or more positive affirmations relating to your desires.  When you open your eyes, write down these affirmations (it’s a good idea to keep a pad and pen on your nightstand).

During the day, look at the affirmations and say them mentally or verbally.”

             Allow me to add in here, for a few months now I’ve been doing something similar (just the intentions part, but this is an excellent reminder to add in affirmations as well).  And even though it was/can be challenging, I am noticing beneficial (and positive) effects.

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue


I say goodbye to guilt and I free myself from the weighty burdens of blame and shame.


Spiritual Beings, Wearing our Physical Bodies

             One of our goals, here in this earthly school, is to practice integrating the mind – body – spirit elements of ourselves.  The lesson being, we are a whole and complete individual made up of various parts.

             Throughout our journey the focus has a habit of changing, from one to the other and then back around again.  Right now, even though we are obviously dealing with very physical transitions, we are being reminded not to neglect the other pieces, or ………..

The Will Of The Soul

             Here’s a great definition I recently came across: soul = active personal element of the Divine.

             It’s the higher aspect of our self.  The inner knowing of who we are and why we’re here.  It’s the driving force behind our creativity.  It’s what keeps us aware of our goals and memories.

             As we look at our restrictions (whatever they may be), we must also balance those with our strengths.  Our soul insists on it.  Our soul reminds us.  Our soul speaks only the truth.

             The trick for us is, to listen.  And listen carefully.

             On our card altar, here is another side of that soul message.  One of unyielding faith and continuing hope.


“Manifesting Dreams  ~

‘My dreams are coming true!’

Card meaning:

Life goes in cycles.   There is a time for planting seeds and a time for harvesting bounty.   Right now is your time for harvesting.

Your innermost dreams and desires are manifesting.  Don’t stop the flow by doubting the process.  All is unfolding according to your highest good.

The Universe wants you to know:

The seeds of desires you planted so long ago (perhaps even before this lifetime) are coming to fruition.

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of being still, opening your heart, and knowing that you deserve your dreams to come true.

You are worthy of greatness, and you have the ability to manifest your deepest and most heartfelt wishes.  Timing is everything, and the moment is ripe for those lingering desires to be realized now.

The bounty of the Universe is pouring into your life.

Questions to ask yourself:

What do I truly desire?  Is there anything I need to release in order to reach my dreams?  What steps can I take to help my heartfelt wishes come true in this life?


My dreams are coming true!”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS OFFERING from Sarah on what we can look forward to in the next month.


See you on Tuesday

             Have we been hearing enough regarding change lately?  And what about the accelerated rate of all this transitioning?  Clearly it’s everywhere.

             Including here.  For me.  Which equates to change for all of you.  At least, with respect to this particular location.

             Difficult, I know.  (Believe me, I KNOW!)  But no one will die from it, I promise.  Plus, it might be exactly what we all need at this time.

             Below (in my usual Sharing place) you’ll find an announcement.  For now, let’s look at our message.

Progress and Realignment

             Every change is a good one, for the most part. We just don’t always know HOW.  Or WHY.  But generally, it’s a positive move as we cycle along, doing better and learning more.

             Our job here is like going off to school.  Classes can be fun, and they can be challenging.  But they’re always still school.  Home is home and school is school.  It’s our job to learn as much as possible, then…. we can go Home.

             Part of learning is figuring out what matters.  Where we spend our time and where we put our energy.  Those topics evolve as we grow and gain knowledge.  It’s the natural progression of life.

             It’s about advancement and understanding.  Just as this perfect example on our card altar right now shows.  We can only get better if we do the work.

Master of our Craft

3 of Pentacles
Master of our Craft

             This is focused on our skills and our abilities.  The art and the sweat.  That which we can create with our hands, our minds, and our individual vision.

             We can glory in doing the most perfect job.  We can be humble in sharing our meager gifts.  We can teach others as we have been taught.

             As a Pentacle draw, the meaning is physical.  What are we capable of, in this body?  And the Three reminds us of our (sometimes) precarious foundations.  While at the same time symbolizing how sacred we are by simply being ourselves.

             The key here is to do our best.  And never, oh no, never compare ours to theirs.  Yours is yours and mine is mine.  And each are valuable, worthwhile, and holy.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Business News:

is to say that, after MUCH worrying (and plenty of crying), stressing, questioning, wailing & whining, ruminating, thinking, pondering, and finally meditating, I’ve realized that a daily offering is no longer possible.

             Since that first post, way back in December, 2007, I’ve done all I can to make this an honest place.  When there was a Post A Day challenge on January first of 2011, I joined in.  And never stopped.

             Every day.  For almost four full years.  Without a break.  (Not all were winners, and not all were joyful.  But I got them all up.)

             Beginning this week, our messages will appear on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  They’ll go up the very second that day ticks into place.  For how long?  No clue.  Will daily posts return?  No clue.  Will the format change?  Again, not really up to me.

             One thing I am entirely sure of though, I will certainly continue to be a presence on-line, in all the usual places, as well as here twice a week.

             There’s Pinterest, and Instagram.  Twitter and Tumblr, as well as Facebook and Etsy.  If you aren’t getting anything in your mailbox, be sure to visit the (yes, still!) second HOME tab, scroll down (way down), there’s a box to click on (it says “yes, I want this“).

             I’ll be back here.  On Tuesday.  Thank you, for supporting me in this (DIFFICULT AS FUCKING HELL) decision, and everything else.


The Finding and The Recognizing

             The processes we all go through in our journey are very often encouraged along by the seasons and cycles of planets (ours and all the rest).  As we take on our life lessons, and heal from the past, we fulfill our charts.

             We must never forget that we are a spiritual being, inside of a physical body.  That body has flaws, it falls down, it sometimes learns slowly instead of quickly.

             In regards to our (not always efficient) forward momentum, here is what the universe would like us to look at today:

discovering recovery.

             Our path can be a challenging one, and yet we know that’s part of being here.  When the road is smooth and the going is easy, we need to acknowledge that; show our gratitude for the gifts and blessings.

             Because, when we’re in a more difficult time and place, those good memories can sustain us.  The more we pay attention to the positives, the more positives we’ll have to pay attention to.

             And that’s a discovery we can make every day.  To recover from our challenges and the rough patches we encounter along the way, we don’t need to do anything more than accept our current position, and honour the learning of it.

             To find that truth, one which we maybe weren’t previously aware of, is to know our own genuine nature.  It is to be honest with ourselves.  Observe both/all sides, and let them go.

             On our card altar right now, this message (reminiscent of what we heard yesterday) continues with another, validating, reminder.

dreams coming true

“Stay Optimistic  ~

‘Your dreams are coming true.

Don’t quit right before the miracle occurs.’

This is it – your time has come!  You are about to collect your rewards, and your prayers will be answered.

However, a bit more patience and guided action on your part is required.  The extra wait and effort are definitely worth it.  You’re just about there, and this card asks you to keep your faith about miracles and magic.

Use your imagination to visualize that your dreams have already come true.  Your heart will swell with gratitude and joy, and these emotions will speed up your desired manifestations.

Before long, you’ll be enjoying the tangible results.”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Personal Observation:

can best be summed up with these 140 characters from my earlier Tweet.

Remember the time your thoughtful sister-in-law filled a cooler full of ice water for your hot swollen feet?Yeah,it’s that kinda hot today.

             The heat doesn’t usually last very long here.  If it did, we’d move.


Our Progression and Development

             Every place I’ve been this week, physically as well as virtually, the talk is all career and change focused.  What I’m hearing, sharing, channeling, is no different here.

             The daily draw and message are circling around doing what we love.  And loving what we are actively in the process of doing, while patiently observing what’s coming next.

Still Transitioning

             As we move along, learning and growing, we seem to be honing our craft of adaptation.  The feelings are authentic, we do have emotional attachments, even when we know it’s best to release.

             We try to be flexible, because we know rigidity gets us nowhere.  To be honest in our journey we must be honest with our day-to-day self as well.

             Taking a quick moment right now, reflecting, seeing with our soul-eyes, will make this next (later) phase smoother.  To flow freely, we also have to wait patiently.

             Adopting this truthful and gentle approach, this soft no-rush attitude will also, as we see on our card altar, help us in work and play.


“Business  ~  52  ~  Venus

Money, Profits, Bargaining, Negotiating

The abundantly prosperous and infinitely loving Divine goddess Venus delights in guiding you in your business and money-making matters.

As the goddess of love and relationships, she affirms that at the heart of all success in business, you will find good relationships between people who trust one another.  She points you to new levels of mastery in applying love in order to create the most advantageous business partnership possible.

She wants to move you past any resistance to her garden of earthly abundance and learn the art of creating prosperity and success.  With her assistance, you’ll find that you genuinely love what you’re doing professionally and have a new appreciation for those you work with.

This win/win approach to business will empower your efforts, and soon you will find yourself in a state of grace when it comes to succeeding on the material plane. 

With Venus as your Divine mentor, you will be guided to the right place at the right time and blessed with the right ideas to create a successful outcome for all.

Let your heart be as generous as possible in your work, and approach it as an art whose creations you delight in.  Guard against becoming greedy or drunk with materialism.

Venus’s message for you:

‘Business is an art, which you can master if you work from the heart and work with love’.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Affirmation:

I am patiently awaiting a positive happy outcome.