Everyone is familiar with Adele’s most popular song by now, right?  (If you aren’t, her name  <—  is a link.)

             She is beyond gifted, her talent phenomenal.  Simple fact there.  But she’s also, in many ways, a Guide Post, culturally speaking.  With very little effort she stands for many ideals.

             She told a reporter that this was an anthem to all the friends she’s ever had.  What I’ve been hearing (for the past week), as I wake up, is another layer to that definition.

Hello from the Other Side

             We know that our loved ones who have left this physical plane are now at Home.  They did what they charted themselves to do, and have crossed over, returned, moved back to the Other Side.

             That leaving can be incredibly difficult for those of us still here.  But for them, it’s just another Transition.  Even though their time and our time are no longer the same, they make the effort to check in.

             Whether it’s to reassure us that they’re fine, or to be at our side during a particularly emotional experience; they do check in, they do reach across and say Hello.  Much more than we realize.

             Sometimes they simply stay with us.  Sometimes they help guide us in a better direction than we’re headed.  And sometimes, they bring good news.  Like this message on our card altar right now.

hello from the other side

“Treasure Chest  ~

‘An unforeseen windfall of new abundance comes to you now!’

Your prayers for financial support have been heard, and assistance is here for you now.  It comes in wonderfully unexpected ways.

Remain in a state of gratitude which says that the money is already here, even if there’s no visible evidence of it yet.  When you feel grateful before the demonstration of supply occurs, it reveals your faith.

And your faith is the energy which draws riches to you without delay. Affirm frequently: ‘thank you for all of the support, supply, abundance, and money that you bring to me.  I am grateful for these riches, which I use in Divine ways to bring blessings to the earth.’

Your supply may show up in the form of money, or it may come as new opportunities, brilliant ideas, or gifts from others.  Bless and honor these gifts from the Universe however they come to you.

Your gratitude ensures continual, overflowing abundance in your life.”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is in answer to the question about my new job.  You know how some websites for big companies have a little box down in the lower corner?  It usually says something like, “need help?  Chat live with one of our representatives.”

             I’m in the process of training to be that representative.

From Me to You:

if I’m not here later in the week, don’t panic, I’ll turn up.


Our Choice

             Our choices, they are unending.  There is a limitless supply of ways to go, who to be, and how to behave.

             This is a Universal Truth.  It just is.  There is no denying it.

             Continuing on our Transitional theme, here’s what I heard this morning:


             We need only select the direction we want to go.  We need only choose the adventure we want to have.

             Since our Options are up to us, it’s important to stay positive.  Because it’s not merely our mind who is doing the voting.  Our actions, our feelings, our words, our judgments, they all count.

             When we are in a lovingkindness mindset, that same experience will follow.  When we struggle and complain/acquiesce and swallow disappointment, that TOO is our reality.

             “Choose Well” – that’s our message.  Take your Options seriously, but then, have fun with them.


             Like last month, I invite you to join me on my new calendar page.  I’ll be envisioning us here.  (This time it’s Bavaria!)

             Good company, excellent food, perfect weather (whatever that means to you), and a calm serenity where we can relax with no pressure, no stress.  And many options.

Today’s Sharing:

is also Business News.  I’ve been offered a full-time job.  It has the benefits we need, and I feel as though it is in the best interest for my family.  So, I’ve accepted the position.

             How this will change my channeled messages, I do not know.  I’m going to try and stay here, showing up when things need to be said.  There won’t be a regular schedule, probably.

             I encourage everyone who has not done so already to sign up for e-mail notifications.  There’s a FOLLOW button on this page, as well as a method under the tab: DIRECT CONTACT.  Scroll down and click “Yes, I want this” to activate.

             Also, there will still be activity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Etsy.  I won’t be going away, I’ll just be in training Transition for a few months, then we’ll see where everything falls after that.


Transformative Progression

             We are in motion.  All of us, at all times.  Even in our quiet, still moments of Intention and Focus, the clock ticks forward.

             Last week one of my favorite relatives passed away.  All I could think of when I heard the news was “the passage of time” – it stops for no one.

             Aunt Trudy was in great pain, and couldn’t breathe.  So her going Home was a blessing, a release.  Even knowing this (and I do, absolutely, know this), it’s difficult to process.  It’s still a loss, for us left behind.

             Today’s message is a reminder of that Truth, of that Universal validity, of the fact that time travels at its own pace, without stopping.

Transition – the gift that Life gives us.

             To change and adapt and learn and grow, those are great things.  Wonderful experiences.  They are truly gifts.

             Gifts given freely so that we are better able to understand our time here, and better understand each other.

             Because another form of transition is our relationships with others.  Just as this draw shows, Life moves us along, usually together (but not always, as we know, sometimes the relationship we’re working on is with our self).

goddess messages

“Goddess Of Awakening  ~

‘This is a wondrous time of exploration, romance, and creativity.’

Regardless of whether you are male or female; your feminine creative spirit is being nourished and awakened by the star of Venus.

The Goddess of Love is activating your sensuous nature. . . . 

This is a wondrous time of exploration, romance, fun, and creativity.  A new romance may be about to blossom or an existing relationship is about to enter a period of renewed magic, excitement, and enchantment.

Either way, this period of transformation will eventually lead you to explore a new creative venture.  Enjoy!”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS piece.  Written (lovingly, if not entirely accurately) about someone we all know.



             There are days when these messages seem blatantly obvious and clear.  Other days, well.  On other days they simply are not.

             For the past few “mornings” I’ve been waking up to music which, at first, doesn’t seem shareable.  Until I sit down to write.  At that point, it all shows up.  With bells on.

Life Tunes

             What is the soundtrack of our lives?  What songs accompany this journey that we are all on?  The answer is a Universal Truth, and it’s where we need to focus right now: music is with us constantly.

             Human-made tunes and melodies alongside nature-crafted sounds and songs.  We’re surrounded by the orchestra of Life.  The band is playing, and we’ve got front row seats.  (In some cases, we ARE the band.)

             When we pay attention to it, stop, breathe, relax, and really hear that music, we are tuning in to each other.  To other souls.  To other lives.  Other energies.  We are being reminded of yet another spiritual connection.

             We may not all be able to play an instrument or read the sheet music, but we are certainly part of the concert.

             On our card altar, look who showed up.  As a confirming validation.

music of life

“Whale  ~

‘Through music you reclaim life’s magic and grow strong in body and soul.’

Whale, sublime denizen of the deep oceans, communicates in complex song and serenades his love from afar, telling her of his prowess, experience, and wisdom.

We rarely now use our voices except in mundane speech.  The cry of triumph, the song of joy, the mystics’ chant, and the scream that releases tension all die before they find utterance.  

Yet rhythm, vibration, and frequency say much and heal both body and soul.  Reclaim your voice and like Whale, grow stronger and light as his magic transforms your mind.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages, Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides Oracle Cards by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS clip from an album I purchased about two years ago.  I play it when I’m the substitute leader for Aqua Yoga at my pool.  Also, it’s just wonderfully relaxing, so sometimes I pop in the CD, slow everything down, and simply enjoy.


Grateful Learning

             There’s something about practicing Gratitude which absolutely changes us.  Not permanently, maybe.  But definitely in a small, gradual, and deep way.

             It’s one of those attitudes where, the more you do it, the easier it becomes to do.  Practice, that’s the key.

             Here is what I heard, and here is what the Universe wants us to focus on:


here and now.

             To accept the gifts we’ve been handed is to be in Grace.  To be in the present.  To be our very best selves.  Because when we are appreciative, we are showing how much we truly care.

             For ourselves, as well as for others.  And when we share that Gratitude we enrich the very feeling that started it all.

             It’s about being kind.  It’s about being honest.  Also, it’s about knowing that what we have is something valuable.  Who we are, also valuable.

             More than that though, is where I was led when I went to see what the cards on our altar had to say.  Turns out, it’s also about how we absorb the unending amount of knowledge that surrounds us, those instructional opportunites which appear in nearly every moment.


“Education  ~  35

‘Life is filled with lessons.  

Be teachable.’


Wisdom comes from participating in life, not just reading about it.  This message suggests that you might not have enough knowledge about what you seek, the direction to take, your circumstances, or the nature of your inquiry.

Important information is coming.  Now is the time to go to school, ask a person who might know more than you do, or find a teacher or a course of study so that you can more clearly understand what the next right action must be.

Sometimes life unexpectedly sends you to an unfamiliar school, and you must learn by experience.  Now is the time to be teachable, open to changing your preconceived notions.

Be a student, and be willing to state the most powerful mantra of all: 

‘I don’t know – yet.’


Stubbornness, and the desire to know it all and be right no matter what, will not get you what you want.  Or could it be that you are afraid to be seen as someone who knows less than you’re supposed to?

Could you be flying through life by the seat of your pants, hoping no one will notice you’ve been skimming the surface of things?

Life is filled with lessons – some bitter, some sweet.  A strident ‘lust for certainty’ will never bring you the wisdom you seek.

Pretending to know more than you do won’t make you wise.  Be assured that not knowing is a magickal place to be.

All manner of mysteries are revealed.  Be open.  It’s okay not to know.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS PIECE.  Written by one of my amazingly talented and insightful nieces.  (I have several, and it’s wonderful.  As are they.)